Thursday, February 26, 2009

Get Your (WoW Gold) Facts Straight!

Remember WoW Gold Facts?

Yeah, we won an award from there. (Yipee!) Gold medal for WoW Gold Pig, ladies and gentlemen. That EGF was one tough cookie but the Pig's charm, grace and juicy rump won him over.

Everybody loves pig rumps.

But let's not talk about that. Let's talk about EGF. I mean, wow, he's really stirring up the other gold sellers. Just take a look at his VeryGE review. He got their PR guys to reply and go apologetic in just a few entries.

Talk about influential.

We trust EGF's reviews. Really. There's only one thing we'd have to pick on him about - HE HASN'T UPDATED HIS MEDAL ROSTER! Screw Valentine's, screw Christmas, screw the Oscars - I want my WoW Gold Facts medal now!

I'll start writing my self-congratulatory speech right now.

Seriously, EGF. Start updating your site. We won't get mad, we just want our gold medal. Shiny shiny gold medal. Mmm...

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

WoW Gold Pig Video of the Week

WoW Gold Pig reportin' for duty, dudes! We're back and we've got a cool video for you. This YouTube collaboration comes from the famous Nymh, one of the more well-known WoW Machinima makers who can put down the beats along with the laughs.

The video, "Pwnage Like Us" is Nymh's last video. He's off to greener pastures and leaving WoW with a bang. Watch the video and be awed:

The editing, music, and vocals are superb - as expected from the mighty Nymh. You may have seen him before on WoW videos such as Hard Like Heroic, My Name is Nymh and the Warlock theme song, Just so OP. We will always remember you as a true bro.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

WoW GM Wins Oscar

When the WoW Gold Pig dudes aren't raiding or doing ollies in the backyard, they're most likely watching a movie. Pigs love them movies.

Favorite movie: Babe.

The silver screen is a source of inspiration (and good popcorn) for young impressionable folks like us. Die Hard's John McClane is one of our role models. So you could just imagine how the prestigious Academy Awards handed an Oscar to someone close to our heart.

Enter Steve Preeg - visual effects artist for the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and I, Robot. He won the Oscar for his work on The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Now you're probably thinking - who's he?

Well, aside from being an Oscar-winning Hollywood hotshot, he's also a well-played guild leader in World of Warcraft who has lead his guild on almost everything from Illidan up to Sartharion. He's got a level 80 Combat Rogue and max skills on both professions.

Awesome. Now you know that WoW players aren't just good in-game - they're also meant for greatness in real life.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

WoW Girls We'd Hook Up With

We're still hung over Valentine's. Pigs are romantic creatures, what can I say?

In keeping with this week's theme, we're going to talk about the WoW girls that make us go "YOWZA!" World of Warcraft has some of the loveliest and inexplicably well-endowed virtual femme fatales in-game, but who would the pigs go out with if given the chance? Realism aside, let's find out.

WoW Girls We'd Hook Up With

1. Sylvanas Windrunner - The dark lady's smooth, ghostly complexion and 'body to die for' just get me everytime I visit Undercity. I'd take her out to dinner and listen to her echoing voice all night, even if she rambles on about wiping out the human race and having her revenge on Arthas. It's like dating a goth girl - only a lot colder.

2. Jaina Proudmoore - Jaina is your typical girl next door. That is, if you lived next to the sorcerors of Kirin Tor. She's blonde, smart and gorgeous. What more can you ask for?

You might have a little trouble with her ex-boyfriends, though. No biggie. Her former beaus were just the Lich King Arthas and the servant of the evil Burning Legion, Kael'Thas Sunstrider.

3. Tyrande Whisperwind - The priestess of Elune and leader of the night elf faction. I think the picture says it all.

4. Alexstrasza - Okay, so she's really a dragon. But I'm willing to risk any dreaded draconic disease for a night with this hot mama.

5. Tyragosa - What is it with dragons and their hot humanoid forms? I just might be a dragonophile.

Ah, yes. Pigs can dream, right?


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

10 Things We Hate About WoW

Hot on the heels of our funny valentine, we talk about love. Love for our favorite game, World of Warcraft.

When you love someone or something, it's perfectly healthy to hate some things about it. Unless you love baby back ribs, of course.

If and when you can define what you don't like about something, it is then that you can appreciate all the other lovely things it has. We've put together a list of things minor annoyances in WoW.

10 Things we hate about WoW

1. Gnomes.
2. Clearing the area around a mining node and having someone else get it
3. Minding your own business and getting ganked by a passing Alliance rogue.
4. Gnomes.
5. The dated graphics. Seriously, WoW needs an update.
6. Pick up groups - if you've ever been in one, you know the horror.
7. Tedious farming. Hey, that's why WoW Gold Pig is here!
8. Naming your character - with over 12 million people making toons, getting a unique name is close to impossible.
9. Boring low level content - why does the game start at 80?
10. Gnomes.

Did I mention we hate Gnomes?

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Funny Valentine

My funny valentine
Sweet honey cured valentine
You make me smile with my heart
Your looks are laughable
Yet you're my favourite pork of art

Okay, so we're a bit late. But we haven't forgotten you.

We love you long time, xoxo my boo.

As full-blooded males, we were inclined to chase skirts and go out with our sweethearts.

I bet you all spent some time with your loved ones, too. Relationships are always important.

That pink-haired Gnome in Ironforge doesn't count. (She's a MAN, baby!)

Men will do amazing things to impress the ladies. Valentine's Day is a perfect opportunity to show how much you love your girl, what you're willing to do in the name of love and having her wear edible undies.

I went on a date with a sweet lil' piggy this weekend. I first met her online, on the opposite side of Arathi Basin as she took my BM Hunter down in a few seconds as a Ret Paladin.

She had me at Hammer of Wrath.

We met at a nearby cafe and exchange pleasantries. I think she looked gorgeous with her long wavy hair and svelte build.

She thought I was taller in person. She's only seen me as a dwarf.

I planned a romantic day, strolling in the park, going to a museum and capping it off at the most expensive restaurant a dude could afford. The sun was up, it wasn't too cold and we're both feeling great. Oh, how exciting!

We spent the whole day talking about WoW. And how she thought the alliance sucked.

We went to Taco Bell and just laughed our butts off talking about Chuck Norris, Rick Astley and High Overlord Saurfang.

It was then that I felt that it just became a lame valentine. My plans were derailed and we were chowing down on fake Mexican food. Oh, the horror!

On the way home, she gave me a kiss.


"I had fun. See you tomorrow?"


"Oh, and switch to Horde, noob!" she said, smiling at me.

I could still hear her laugh as she closed the door.

That's amore.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

5 WoW Gold Tips

WoW Gold
WoW Gold Pig in tha house, yo.

What's up, my homies? The P.I.G. is in town ready to bring the floor down... or something.


We heard y'all like WoW Gold. Word, we dig that. Listen to my beats and we'll give you the lowdown on how to rake in the bling.

5 World of Warcraft Gold Tips

1. When in a new area, take the quests that are concentrated in one area or require you to kill the same monsters - you'll earn more WoW Gold and quest rewards in a shorter amount of time. Download and install the Quest Helper addon for easier questing, dude.

2. Get a gathering profession ASAP. As early as level 5, grab a gathering profession from the nearest trainer. Mining and skinning are good professions because the materials you get are always in-demand. Go out and mine for ore and skin animals and sell your stuff in the auction house.

3. Sell green and blue gear that you can't use at the auction house - DON'T sell it to NPCs. Check the auction house for prices and sell your gear accordingly. You can leave your auctions while you play and you'll eventually find a buyer.

4. When you have enough WoW Gold, buy Netherweave bags to increase the amount of items you can carry. More space means less time going back to town and sell your stuff.

5. Buy LOW, sell HIGH. Check the auction house for cheap in-demand items and buy them out. Wait a bit and put them on auction for a significantly higher amount. Be careful though - other players will notice this and undercut the price so that you won't have buyers. Play the auction house and play smart.

Aight, so you down with that? Cool. Of course, you can always buy WoW Gold to avoid the trouble and just get on with the program. Huzzah!

Peace out, whoop whoop and all that jazz.

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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Rabid Hate Mail

Cheap WoW Gold is a blessing for players who want to experience having epic gear but have no time to mindlessly grind for it. They can go to work and have a life without sacrificing the urge to play a sassy Draenei priest.

Of course, WoW Gold Pig has its share of naysayers. Individuals who are totally holier-than-thou and won't hesitate to smite you with their keyboards.

We were checking our inbox the other day when we came across a gem of an email - a shining example of an Anti-RMT paladin. An internet white knight who lays the smackdown on all things he doesn't understand, fueled by misinformation and nerd rage.

And dyslexia.

Here is a direct copy & paste of the email without any edits. This dude's hardcore.




Whoa! Everyone knows that CAPS LOCK is cruise control for cool, buddy. Smooth move. We love you too, xCLOUD72x. All 72 of you.

I don't know where to begin. All those sleepless nights with mountain dew might've gotten to him.

What peeps don't understand about WoW Gold is that we're offering a service - a service for people who don't have time but have an extra dollar or two they're willing to part with. Services are not illegal - you pay babysitters to watch your kid while you're out with the missus, you hire workers to build your buildings - you get the point. What you could otherwise have not accomplished, or accomplished ineffectively, we do.

Another thing is that because of shady Chinese gold sellers, us legit pigs get bad reps. Compromised accounts, bad sales, and all that. What you can do is support the REAL heroes behind WoW Gold. Support the real, honest players who trade their time in-game for a few bucks. We don't deal with suspicious suppliers, just honest-to-goodness service for the dudes who want to buy a mount or cut down the grinding time. Trust the pig, the cheapest place to buy WoW Gold.

The pigs could go on, but it'll take forever to analyze this cryptic email from another dimension. We still have to grind for Sons of Hodir rep.

Stay in touch, visit WoW Gold Pig.

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Thursday, February 5, 2009

World of Warcraft Commercials

WoW Gold Pig loves Ozzy. He must've been the inspiration for the whole Undead race. Rock on!

You've all probably seen these TV spots before. Mr. T, William Shatner, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Verne 'Mini-Me' Troyer, etc.

But dude, you have to chalk it up to the Blizzard marketing/advertising guys. They know their stuff. World of Warcraft has hit the mainstream and what better way to promote it further than with celebrities?

Genius, I tell you.

As smart porkers ourselves, we sat down and thought of other possible celebrity endorsers for World of Warcrack, I mean Warcraft. Take a look at our suggestions:

1. Britney Spears - Hi, I'm Britney Spears and I play a Blood Elf Skankmaster! It's also interesting to note that the Blood Elf /dance is based on Britney's Toxic video.

2. Barack Obama - The President would roll a Druid. Change we can believe in. Change to Bear Form. Change to Aquatic Form. Change to Flight Form. The change we need - when we need to switch from tank to DPS.

3. Chuck Norris - Fact: Chuck Norris once roundhouse kicked an icecube in his drink. That's how Northrend and Wrath of the Lich King was created.

4. Donald Trump - he can 'fire' people as much as he likes as a Fire Mage. He also has more WoW Gold than anyone else.

5. Misa Campo - okay, a longshot. So I just want to see a really hot chick on the list. Shoot me.

What about you piglets? Any ideas for WoW celebrity endorsers?

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

WoW Girls That Make Us Go WOW

WoW Girls! WoW Gold!

WoW Girls

(I bet you 10 WoW Gold that we got your attention right away.)

The WoW Gold Pig dudes love their World of Warcraft. We also love girls. Put them together and we'll have a WoW-gasm.

Hoo boy. These sexy ladies come from a user named swanky on Flickr. Go ahead and see his photostream for more WoW girls. While we can't read the description, we assume that this is some kind of gaming expo in Hong Kong or somewhere relatively Chinese (they all look the same, so shoot me).

We may not like their gold selling methods, but we sure as hell dig their chicks!

Because WoW is big everywhere in the world, you can't have a gaming event without the WoW cosplay. The Pigs are impressed with the costume details, the colors of the fabrics, the likeness of the...

Who are we kidding? Mmm... midriff...

Now if only she was a tinge more blue...

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Sunday, February 1, 2009

The WoW Gold Pig Drinking Game

Howdy, porkchops! May your pockets be lined with WoW Gold!

We all know that World of Warcraft is a fun game. Like, totally. A lot of people will agree with me, fo sho. With roughly 12 million subscribers, WoW can practically buy out a small country. Blizzard has infused WoW with the ingredients for awesome.

- You play as a brave adventurer in a world gripped by chaos.

- You get to lay the smackdown on big bad evil guys like Arthas, Kel'Thuzad and Mr. Wiggles.

- You get to dress/undress your well-endowed Night Elf hunter in form-fitting and questionable armor.

Oh yeah. Totally sweet, sweet stuff. Sweeter than honeybaked sweetham. You'd be hard pressed to find something more entertaining than WoW on a Friday night. You can pretty much say that WoW can't get any better than this.

Whoa, cowboy. What if I tell you that WoW Gold Pig has an EVEN SWEETER way of playing WoW? Yeah, dude, like the title says:

The WoW Gold Pig Drinking Game

The rules are simple: Go on a raid with your friends and have some drinks ready. Whenever something in the list happens in-game while you're playing, you take the corresponding number of shots. The drink could be anything; mind-numbing tequila preferred.

You kill a monster - take 1 shot
Someone says "LOL" in chat - take 1 shot for each LOL
You pick up an item - take 1 shot
You receive healing - take 1 shot

Someone dies - take 2 shots per dead dude
Someone goes AFK - take 2 shots, take 1 extra shot if you go AFK
Someone picks up a green item - take 2 shots
Someone uses a food/drink item - take 2 shots

Your group kills a boss - take 3 shots
Your group wipes - take 3 shots and do a handstand
Someone picks up a blue/purple item - take 3 shots
Someone else throws up - take 3 shots
The pigs did a round of this last Friday while doing 10-man Heroics. It was a truckload of fun.

And corrupted livers.

For added fun, get your toon drunk in-game with some Blue Ogre Brew while you get shitfaced yourself. Up the ante with WoW Gold bets and you've got a winner.

Oink away, drinkers!


Whoops, forgot to include this one. Sorry sorry, porquitos. The Pig may be a, um, Pig but he is also a socially responsible dude and wants you to remember that:

There is a Government warning that says that the Surgeon General in turn says that consumption of alcoholic beverages impairs your ability to drive a car or operate a machine (which includes a PC and in effect impairs your WoW playing), AND may cause health problems. Also, pregnant women should not drink alcoholic beverages during pregnancy because of the risk of birth defects.

So there!

If you actually drink this many shots you will DIE (and you can't resurrect like we can in the game but fo sho you already know that, right?). SO DON'T DO IT.

Now if you can't help yourself, please give me your login information so I can invite your toons to your funeral.

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