Wednesday, August 26, 2009

3 Myths about WoW Gold

You know that guy on the forums who goes on a tirade about how he hates WoW Gold and stuff? I can bet a double quarter pounder that you've encountered a couple in your travels in Azeroth and Northrend. They jabber on about it as a matter of fact, but is it really the truth?

Well, the Pigs are here to find out and debunk any myths, legends and hooha surrounding our favorite currency. Welcome to Mythbu- I mean, the WoW Gold Pig blog!

Myth #1: If you buy WoW Gold, you ruin the economy

World of Warcraft is an incredibly awesome game. I mean, it must be since we're totally addicted to it right? Part of what makes WoW awesome is how the game works. It lets you earn gold from different methods. One of these is the auction house which makes up a big part of this 'virtual economy.'

WoW's economy isn't as complicated as say, the United States' economy. It's a simple supply and demand thing. WoW Gold doesn't depreciate in value - it's just the sellers adjusting their prices according to the demand and the spending power of the buyers. This happens with or without WoW Gold being sold. Players can AND will find out ways to get more and more gold, and this means players will also find ways to increase their auction house prices.

So yeah, myth BUSTED.

This is further explained in the next myth...

Myth #2: Buying gold is cheating!

Cheating, eh? To answer this myth, let's first determine how gold is accumulated in-game through this step by step guide:

1. Play your toon and do quests, dailies and raids
2. Get gold from rewards and drops
3. ???
4. Profit!

Hmm... does that sound familiar?

Oh yeah, it's basically what EVERYONE does to earn gold in WoW! Fancy that.

When someone buys gold, they're just paying for the time that the farmer spent collecting it. It's a process that happens within the game's boundaries; from earning to transferring the gold.

There's really only one reason why people think it's cheating - because they feel threatened by others gaining the same amount of gold with their own resources. If you got all the time in the world to farm your gold, then go ahead. More power to you. If someone decided to use the money they worked hard to earn for some digital pixels in-game, then that's their choice.

Picture these 2 scenarios:

1. Newbie receives 1000 gold from a friend
2. Newbie buys 1000 gold from WoW Gold Pig

Look at it from a logical perspective - there is no difference. It's only when you put your emotions in the equation that you think you're being cheated.


Myth #3: Gold is obtained through compromised accounts and scams

Okay, this one is a doozy.

As with any barrel of apples, there's bound to be a few rotten dudes. In real life, there are smugglers, black markets, inside traders, medical malpractitioners and more.

WoW is no different. Because there is a viable and legitimate market, there are those who use use dastardly deeds to procure their wares and this is something that we are TOTALLY against.

I guess you can say this myth is plausible, but there are few things you can keep in mind to stop supporting these Chinese ripoffs.

Avoid any gold sellers that:

1. Spam in-game
2. Can't speak English
3. Ask for your freakin' password!

When people stop falling for the stupid Chinese tactics, these fraudsters will go out of business. Then everyone'll be happy!

Do you agree? Disagree? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sweaty Nerds Invade Anaheim (BlizzCon)

Alright - I think it's safe to say that this following equation sums up how I feel about the announcements at BlizzCon:

Mind = Blown

There's just so much meat that I'm having trouble digesting all the information that Blizzard threw at us. Here I was, watching from the safety of my computer at home, popcorn in hand as a sea of sweaty geeks and nerds flooded the Anaheim Convention Center.

So what caught our attention?

Well, the biggest thing to come out is the confirmation of Cataclysm. MMO-Champion was spot-on with all the information a couple of weeks back. We've got goblins and worgen, Deathwing, the sundering of Azeroth, new race/class combinations, progression and more. If I tried to type all the changes in this blog post, I might cause a rip in the fabric of time and space. Seriously.

I'm totally pumped for the worgen. Half-man, half-wolf, all badass! This just might be the Alliance race for me. Check out the preview gameplay video below:

The transformation animation is totally pimp. I think I have this fascination with werewolves ever since I saw I Was a Teenage WereWolf...

Okay, maybe not, but it sure does make me wanna kick Edward Cullen's shiny white teeth in!

Don't get me wrong though - the goblins are equally as cool as their furry counterparts. You know why? Because they get a freakin' Hot Rod mount! They also have a utility belt that gives them rocket boost every 2 minutes and not to mention looking very, very green.

Then there's the Diablo III Monk class. I'm not the biggest Diablo fan, but seeing the trailer made me want the game BAD. I'd definitely want to hand out family-size beatdowns like the monk!

News on the Starcraft 2 front was scarce, but the idea of an 'app store' like service for and SC2 maps sounded nice.

I could go on for days, nerdgasming like this. If you want all the juicy details, head on to for the complete coverage.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

61 Things To Do At BlizzCon

Sweet honeysuckling bacon-covered deep-fried pork casseroles! BlizzCon 2009 is JUST. AROUND. THE CORNER! Ohmanohmanohmanohman. I just can't wait. Will Blizzard drop a news bomb on us? Will they announce Cataclysm? The rumored new IP? A Murloc PS3 game!? Ozzy Osbourne as a new playable character!?

This is just too much to bear. Better yet, this is too much to PIG.

Are you dudes heading over to BlizzCon this year? Well, pack your stuff and get ready because here are 61 things to do at BlizzCon:

1. Get Ghostcrawler's autograph
2. Gawk at the booth babes (mmm... booth babes)
3. Ask all Blizz employees about the "Additional Instances Cannot Be Launched" error. Be swiftly escorted off the premises afterwards.
4. Dance the napoleon dynamite with Mike Morhaime.
5. Meet up with your guildies.
6. Feast on the gourmet convention food.
7. Watch the Diablo III panel.
8. Complain about the RAINBOWS. Be swiftly escorted off the premises afterwards.
9. Zerg rush kekeke.
10. Have a nerdgasm over the Starcraft II panel.
11. Wait for the announcement of the new Blizzard MMO.
12. Find out that it's going to be Battlefield Earth Online.
13. Play the Failocalypse all weekend and reach the cow level (there is no cow level).
14. Attend the World of Warcraft panel.
15. Search for a mailbox. Dance the Napoleon Dynamite on said mailbox.
16. Play games!!!
17. Hang out with Chris Metzen.
18. Try the WoW TCG (if you haven't).
19. Take a candid picture of Sam Didier.
20. Shout "For the Alliance!" in a mostly-horde crowd. Be swiftly escorted off the premises afterwards.
21. Buy George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher a drink.
22. Count the Blood Elves in attendance.
23. Rock to the Ozzy concert!
24. Cry tears of joy at the announcement of the new expansion.
25. Post pictures of the freebies you get.
26. Look for gnomes to punt.
27. Buy all the murloc plushies at the store and re-sell them for a profit. Be swiftly escorted off the premises afterwards.
28. Watch the Elite Tauren Chieftains!
29. Get Ozzy Osbourne's autograph.
30. Meet up with the peeps.
31. Take in the aroma of a few thousand sweaty gamers.
32. Search for the WoW Gold Pig crew! (hint: needle in a haystack)
33. Try out Diablo III's Witch Doctor.
34. Get a BlizzCon 2009 authenticator.
35. See the cast of The Guild.
36. Spazz in front of Felicia Day.
37. Tweet about everything that's happening every 5 seconds. Get the fail whale screen.
38. Wish yourself luck in the public restrooms.
39. Buy yourself a real Frostmourne.
40. Look out for Leeroy Jenkins. He's gotta be there.
41. Brag about your new Raynor Noob. Watch non-goers QQ.
42. Walk around the convention grounds till your feet burn.
43. Watch the awesome cinematics on the big screen.
44. Bring your QQ Noob tissues in case they nerf the Paladins AGAIN.
45. If you're a reasonably hot chick, paint yourself blue and get some horns. We dig dem Draenei females.
46. Alternatively, you can come in as Sylvanas Windrunner. Watch ensuing fanboygasm commence.
47. Wear a J1NX tshirt!
48. Scream your lungs out during the Ozzy gig. Pretend you're a Death Knight with your hoarse voice the day after.
49. Watch out for Chinese people who whisper sweet nothings in your ear; mostly coercing you to buy gold from them.
50. Complain about WoW login issues in real life. Let's see how that'll help.
51. Approach a stranger and ask them to join your group because you need 1m DPS and g2g.
52. Get your fill of Mtn Dew!
53. Post pics on Facebook!
54. Watch the Warcraft III and Starcraft competitions. Realize how terrible you are at those games and keep QQ Noob tissues handy.
55. Win a prize! We gave 500,000 gold to Chris a while back. Surely Blizz has something better.
56. Discuss PvP with the WoW PvP panel and get lost in all the jargon like mp5, rotations, etc.
57. Try out the World of Warcraft Minis by Upperdeck (those minis look really cool).
58. Before the convention starts, shout "YOU ARE NOT PREPARED" at the organizers. Be swiftly escorted off the premises afterwards.
59. Discover that the Tuskarr are modeled after Wilford Brimley.
60. Read "Twilight" or any trashy Stephenie Meyer book. Be swiftly escorted off the premises afterwards.

Seriously, this was supposed to be 101 Things To Do at BlizzCon but I got really hungry. Y'all know that pizzas come before anything else right?

Tell us about your BlizzCon experience next week!


Sunday, August 16, 2009

The BlizzCon of Ozz

So the Prince of Darkness will be rockin' BlizzCon 2009. I think Ozzy predicted this way back in "The Blizzard of Ozz." Soon, Ozzy and Arthas will be battling for the crown in a mix of hail, sleet, swords, guitars and slurred british accents. Man, that'd be awesome.

As long as it had subtitles.

Some of the Pigs are attending BlizzCon as hardcore fanboys, but this little piggie will stay home and sulk. And order the internet stream for the Grunty pet.

We've got lotsa tidbits from the big ol' Blizz these past few days. They be gettin' their newfangled Twitter accounts like @Warcraft, @Starcraft and @Diablo. As a self-proclaimed Twitter addict, you can bet your pork rinds that I'm following them on the WoWGoldPig Twitter.

Then there's the Cataclysm rumor, oh boy. I'm still waiting for Blizz to confirm this, or completely turn around and surprise us with a MURLOC expansion HELLS YEAH!

Who knows what'll happen in BlizzCon? Any speculations?

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Of Cataclysms and She-Wolves

Hot on the trails of the growing rumor about the new WoW expansion, World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, the new races are allegedly the Goblin for the Horde and Worgen for the Alliance (more on


WORGEN. Man, Worgen for the Alliance. The Alliance gets a badass werewolf race while the Horde gets little green men. What I would do to have a Worgen Death Knight. That's like a mess of death, fangs and fur all around you.

Speaking of wolves, here's one that I wouldn't mind. If we were the three little piggies, I wouldn't mind this she-wolf blowing on our house.

Heck, why don't we just let her in!

Check out Shakira's She-Wolf! Go on, play the video. We guarantee that the hip-swaying and skin Shakira's showing is enough to hypnotize a crowd. She is HOT.

Like smokin' bacon HOT!

I'd be a happy porker if the female worgen in WoW was even remotely that sexy.

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Celebrating Life's Small Pleasures

I was thinking about our Name the Twitter Pig contest winner, Chris. I wonder how it felt to win all that gold. Must've been awesome. And he gets to name our cute lil' porker Pigasus.

It would've been a moment of triumph if I could say so myself. Chris must've been really happy.

But was he... THIS happy!?

I'm cracking up here.

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Friday, August 7, 2009

Of WoWBash and Patch 3.2

Oh man. I never knew how hard it was to type while laughing my head off. So a friend of mine showed me this site: WoWBash. Being the dilligent Pig that I am, I just ignored the link for a few hours.

After lunch, I decided to take a look at it.

And then my productivity went down the drain.

Holy pigsticks, there are TONS of user-submitted WoW chat screenshots that are downright hilarious. If I knew this site existed, I would've saved a few screenies of the WoW Gold Pig guild chat. I specially like the ones where couples send a mistell about their passionate WoW escapades.

Here's a sample:


Gotta love the WoW GMs and their sense of humor. Or a hint of it, at least.

In other news, patch 3.2 hit the live servers this week. How's everyone fairing? My realms have gone from laggy to buggy quite a few times that I've rarely logged in. Northrend Children's week is now running and I can't even get to doing it.

Maybe I'll try a bit later. In the meantime, I'll be going through WoWBash for more lulz. :P

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Interview with Chris, Winner of 500k WoW Gold

We sat down over coffee (actually we just emailed) and interviewed Chris - the winner of the Name the Twitter Pig contest a while back.

He submitted the myth-tacular name 'Pigasus' and went to the bank with 500,000 World of Warcraft Gold. Let's learn more about him, shall we?

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and your experiences with World of Warcraft – how long have you been playing? How many characters have you leveled? Are you in a guild? What do you enjoy most in-game... discovery, questing, crafting, raiding, guild events?

Well my name is Chris, I'm from central Florida, I have been playing MMO's for almost 6 years now, and i actually just started playing WoW a few months ago. I have a level 80 DK that is my main and i'm in the process of leveling a paladin for pvp. I am in a very friendly guild full of sci-fi nerds that are actually real-life friends and i fit in kind of well. What i enjoy most about WoW is raiding, getting new gear for myself or guildmates and i like that you can level by questing instead of a mindless grind like some other MMO's i have played.

2. ‘Pigasus’ is a very creative name, how did you come up with it, where did your inspiration come from?

It actually came to me almost instantly after seeing the pig with wings, i was always very interested in mythological creatures as a kid and i thought pigasus was a creative play on pegasus.

3. Have you thought about what you will do with all of your winnings?

Oh yea, i promised my guild that we will all be driving around on choppers if i win :P and i cant wait to get some really cool pets, mounts and much needed crafted ulduar items.

4. How often do you visit the WoW Gold Pig blog? What do you think of it?

Well since i entered the contest i have visited the wowgoldpig blog several times daily, and i like it, its good to see a funny post or a link to something that's gonna give me a laugh.

5. Do you have suggestions about future topics the blog should cover?

Well you guys do a pretty good job as it is, i dont know if i would change a thing ;P

6. What future contests / sponsorships would you like to see from the Pig?

Maybe a creative WoW comic contest, or original artwork. Maybe a cosplay video of warcraft plot characters lol, i think that would be funny.

7. Have you purchased World of Warcraft gold before? Why do you think RMT is so popular among players?

Yes i have purchased gold before, and i think RMT is popular among players, particularly older players that have 9-5 jobs as it keeps them on par with the kids that are raiding and farming nonstop all day. Some of us have kids or other responsibilities and cant spend all day on WoW.

8. How did you first learn about the Pig?

First learned about the pig one day after i decided i could use a little extra gold to help level up jewelcrafting, so i started searching on google for reliable gold sites, and after doing a little research one of the names that kept popping up was your guys site, i had never really bought online currency before but i figured what the hell, so i did, and about 15 minutes after i put the order in i had my gold. :P

Thank you Chris! Maybe we'll take some of your suggestions and see what happens. Congratulations again, enjoy your WoW Gold dude!

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Monday, August 3, 2009

A Letter to Megan Fox from the Pig

Dear Megan Fox,

How are you doing? I know we haven't seen each other recently, with all the movies you're doing and me being a busy man... in Northrend. Even though we're apart, I think we both know that we share a bond that goes back ages.

Back in 2002, I first saw you in the Olsen twins' Holiday in the Sun on DVD. It was a magical moment. I suffered through 17 re-runs of Mary Kate and Ashley's movie just to get to know you better. I had to make sure that my roommate was asleep before firing up the player and replaying your scenes as Brianna Wallace. I remember it vividly like it was yesterday.

Oh wait, that *was* yesterday. But what's a few years' difference compared to our love?

I Tivo'd your TV guestings and tried to get as much pictures of you on the net. My devotion to you knows no bounds - not even pasta. I once built your likeness out of my mother's home-made lasagna. While it pales in comparison to your beauty, the fluidity of the grease represents your shimmering complexion, and your lovely hair is perfectly captured by the cheesy goodness.

Not pictured: Megan Fox

Our relationship continued on the TV and the big screen... and in 2004, we took the next step in our quest for love - you starred alongside that LaBeouf dude in Transformers. You made my body feel things in place I never knew existed.

Optimus Prime also has that effect on me, but trust that I'll always "Transform and Roll Out" for you anytime, Megan-baby. Yes it doesn't make any sense to me either, but you have to admit, it sounds pretty darn cool.

No? Fine.

You finally got your break and you became a star... A star that this little pig had a hard time reaching. We'd go without contact for days, months and years. You'd sometimes surprise me with a picture of Google Image Search once in a while, and who would forget those photos that were strangely devoid of clothes? Not that I'm complaining, of course.

Enter 2009 - Michale effin' Bay released this year's summer blockbuster; Robots and Explosions 2: Revenge of Megan Fox. While most of the movie didn't make sense, I just wish I was there with you instead of Shia the Beef.

Alas, it feels as if you were just another thing that this pig couldn't obtain. As I'm typing this out with tears in my eyes and cheetos on my fingers, please remember me.



P.S. Tell Michael Bay that explosions do not a good movie make.

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