Wednesday, February 18, 2009

10 Things We Hate About WoW

Hot on the heels of our funny valentine, we talk about love. Love for our favorite game, World of Warcraft.

When you love someone or something, it's perfectly healthy to hate some things about it. Unless you love baby back ribs, of course.

If and when you can define what you don't like about something, it is then that you can appreciate all the other lovely things it has. We've put together a list of things minor annoyances in WoW.

10 Things we hate about WoW

1. Gnomes.
2. Clearing the area around a mining node and having someone else get it
3. Minding your own business and getting ganked by a passing Alliance rogue.
4. Gnomes.
5. The dated graphics. Seriously, WoW needs an update.
6. Pick up groups - if you've ever been in one, you know the horror.
7. Tedious farming. Hey, that's why WoW Gold Pig is here!
8. Naming your character - with over 12 million people making toons, getting a unique name is close to impossible.
9. Boring low level content - why does the game start at 80?
10. Gnomes.

Did I mention we hate Gnomes?

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