Wednesday, July 29, 2009

There Can Only Be One

I am immortal
I have inside me blood of kings
I have no rival, no man can be my equal

Woot! Like a freakin’ highlander, Pigasus chops off the competition and wins the ‘Name the Twitter Pig’ contest!

Pigasus has beaten over 30 finalists and 6000+ entries in our Name the Twitter Pig contest! Congratulations, Chris - you've won a sweet 500,000 WoW Gold; split between 10 of your chosen toons! The Pigs wonder what you're going to spend it on first.

Some say Chris is going to buy a few Traveller's Tundra Mammoths.

I think he's going to get himself some WoW TCG mounts like the El Pollo Grande and the Spectral Tiger.

Whatever it is, I'm sure Chris is freakin' happy he submitted Pigasus! Pigasus is now the official name of the WoW Gold Pig Twitter pig. After a long while, he finally has a name. How do you like it, lil guy?

Give it up for Chris and Pigasus, WoW Gold winners!

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Rolling Restarts Oh Yeah

Don't you just love it when good ol' Blizz says it's just rolling restarts all around? It's like the Tuesday void has been lifted and you're left with a few moments before logging in to WoW. Much love.

Well, maybe except for those who are on the long-ass maintenance list. Don't worry - it's not the end of the world. Don't be an emo pony.


Oh, and the Name the Twitter Pig contest winner has been found. All of you probably know, but we're making a grand announcement for Chris *wink wink* Stay tuned, gold fans!

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Voting is Over!

Stick a fork in it because it's DONE! I think we can clearly see who the poll wiener winner is *wink wink*

Watch this space for the official announcement of the Twitter Pig name and the winner of 500,000 WoW Gold. This is gonna be sweet!

Monday, July 20, 2009

SNSD Gee Girls' Generation

This song by Korean girl pop group Girls' Generation (or SNSD) has been playing in my head for DAYS now. I'm not kidding.

I have no effin' idea what they're singing about but, dang this song is catchy.

They also have some of the nicest pairs of legs on that side of South Korea.

Gee gee gee


In other news, it seems like Blizzard's slowly rolling out the pre-patches for patch 3.2. Better rev your background downloaders for a few hundred mbs.

The Pigs can't wait for the next patch. Cheaper mounts and getting flying mounts at level 60! Now we can all suffer from altoholism!

Oh and hey, poll is ending on JULY 22ND people. Get to voting now!

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pigs of the Same Feather Tweet Together

I'm just totally amazed at how creative the submissions for the Name the Twitter Pig contest were. I mean, I was half expecting some dudes to send in the same name 19,000 times just to win 500,000 World of Warcraft gold but boy was I wrong.

The WoW Gold Pig peeps are so awesome, they sent in tons of witty, funny and well... silly names! And we love all of 'em! Here are just a few of the stuff we gathered and bunched up into categories, along with our comments:


Tweetsalot - We do tweet a lot!
Twiglet - A piglet that tweets? Genetic experimentation huzzah!
Tworker - I don't know what a 'twork' is, but it sure sounds fun

Famous Figures:

Swinestein - E equals PIG squared is the formula for bacon
Hamlet - Shakespeare meets cold cuts
Elvis Pigsley - Uh huh, ain't nothin' but a hound pig~


Hogger - Relevant, but that's asking for trouble lol
Epica - Truly EPIC!
Nerfy - Swingin' the nerfbat!

...Swine flu?

SwineBlu - Is is contagious?
Hamthrax - Not in the mail!
H1N1 Gold Pig - I'm not sure if we want that...

What the pork!?

TasteLikeChicken - Dude, what?
Bob - Seriously, someone sent this in.
PFFFFTT - Words cannot describe how I feel

I'm not sure what the last few entries were trying to communicate, but just keep those creative juices flowing. The crew totally dig your entries.

Be sure to ask your friends, guildies and family vote for your entry - 500,000 Gold is at stake. Poll ends on July 22, 2009. Good luck, piggies!

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Lifetap Brings All the Girls to the Yard

Admit it. You want to be this warlock.

Yes, he's undead. He reeks of death and decay. He doesn't have a heart. He probably doesn't even have a spleen.

But he gets all the chicks. Hot demon chicks, that is.

wow warlock

Click for full size

Not everyone can be as awesome as this guy. What you could do is vote in our Twitter Pig name poll up there. You'll be just as awesome.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Wireless Operational Worker Generated for Online Learning, Dangerous Peacekeeping and Immediate Gratification

Get Your Cyborg Name

That's a pretty long cyborg name. But it's KICKASS! ...Aside from the gratification part, I guess.

Go get your own cyborg name at the Cyborg Name Generator. It's also available on Facebook. Go add us up at

Thursday, July 9, 2009

How To Become A Great Guildie

Hey you! Yes, you! See that poll up there? Go on and vote for the best Twitter Pig name. It's totally awesome.

Speaking of awesome, I was doing some dailies the other day and just hanging out in the World of Warcraft. One of our newer guildies was having trouble with his Paladin epic mount quest. Not only did it require him to go to some remote places, but it also cost a crapload of WoW Gold at level 60 (350 gold for the first test, expensive items, another batch of 150 gold, 120 gold, etc. - and that's after faction discounts).

Some of you in the crowd are probably snorting "But gold is easy to get if you have a level 80 and you do dailies, blah blah."

Our guildie is a newcomer to WoW. How can he normally have that amount of gold to blow, right?

Cranium, our resident Death Knight expert logged in and saw our newbie's problem. In the goodness of his heart, he just went over to our guildie and helped him through ALL of the Paladin epic mount quest. He shouldered all the WoW Gold costs and got our newbie a brand spanking new Paladin Charger and a nice Blood Knight tabard to boot.

It's just nice to see someone helping out a guildie without asking for anything in return. Our newbie Paladin was so happy, he could kiss Cranium. But that would be homogay. So he just flooded guild chat with praises for Cranium.

Now that's a great guildie if you asked me. Cranium's our guildmate of the month. Give him a round of applause, will ya?

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Sharing the Love

I'm feelin' the love here. My bacon-covered heart's all a-flutter. Don't you just love it when you feel appreciated? All the hard work in the world is no match for a simple compliment.

Just a while ago, we got an email from one of our awesome customers. In it was a simple thank you to the Pigs.

Holy pig crap! That was the fastest dang delivery ever. Less
than 10minutes. Definitely worth a review/comment on the goldfacts site. Will definitely be back again.

Thank you, dude. We work our pig butts off for you and everyone who enjoys WoW Gold. We'll continue to give you the service that you deserve. We're the best pigs in the world (of Warcraft?), after all.

Cheers to you and hope to see you soon!

In other news, you might've noticed that we've got that huge-ass poll up there. We just loved all the submissions that we need you to choose for us. Have you voted for the best Twitter Pig name yet?

Wha? Not yet? Go on vote, little piggies! The Twitter Pig's name depends on it. And so does the 500,000 WoW Gold prize.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

China Bans Gold Farming.... NOT!

Trust WoW Gold Facts to bring the cold, hard facts to light.

Early this month, InformationWeek published shocking news that "China Bans Gold Farming." Anti-RMT zealots and those who have too much free time rejoiced albeit short-lived.

The real deal is, that China didn't ban gold farming in any way. China only had this problem with QQ coins (virtual currency in China or whatever) and they didn't want the QQ coins to compete with their real currency. This is further reflected on the title change at InformationWeek's article because of how incorrect it was.

EGF recently got a response from an anonymous gold farmer who sheds further light on the issue. The truth about the Chinese virtual currency issue. It's great inside info from someone outside the looking glass.

Go on, read it. Gold farming is not a crime. It gives people jobs. It is not against any law. Before you start slinging your high moral standards against a legitimate business, get your facts straight first.

Pigs signing out.

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