Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Guide to Naughtygarden

This will be a (slightly) PG-rated post so kiddies who've yet to hear the birds and the bees lesson from their dads should stop reading now.

...Still here? Fine, you stubborn piglets can stay but let's keep this post our little secret, like when you snag those extra strips of bacon even when Mom says you've had enough. It's a yummy kind of naughty.

A little bit of a background. My guild is trying out a Naughtygarden version Noblegarden this year because most of us have already finished the Noble Gardener meta-achievement. We felt bad skipping all those delicious chocolate eggs and sexy bunny ears so we cooked up our own Naughtygarden holiday.

Basically, we are putting a twist on the old Noblegarden achievements and documenting them for the rest of the guildies to see (a private forums or blog will do the trick). Set prizes if your guild can afford them--it's been a blast so far!

Here are some Naughtygarden variations we're doing this week:

Blushing Brides. We log in a female toon and dress her up in a White Tuxedo Shirt and Black Tuxedo Pants, then kiss the Elegant Dressed girls waiting for their prince charming. We then ask the blonde belf if she'll take "Princess Charming" instead. Be prepared for RL blushes or even serious propositions.

Spring Fling Scandal. This one's a doozie. The regular spring fling achievement asks you to find a mate for your rabbit across the four starter towns. But here's where the scandal breaks out. Seems like your pet rabbit isn't being truthful about his single status--he's actually got a wife and kids at home!

My guildmates and I try to write the most persuasive blackmail letter addressed to Mr. cheating rabbit. My last letter read:

"Looks like your rabbit's foot ran out, Roger. Cough up the golden eggs or I'll send these pics to the missus. She'll skin and stew you alive."

Follow the Bunny-Maker. Ok, some of you might find this more creepy than naughty, but c'mon. When else can you stalk a legal-leveled belf hottie wearing those smexy bunny ears? If you're lucky, once you pop the Spring Flowers, the belf will play along and channel her inner model. Those bunny ears can sure make a girl special, I tell ya!

Naughtygarden is a great way to spice up the same-old Noblegarden. Feel free to borrow our suggestions or if you think of new ones, feel free to share them via the comments section. Stay naughty, porkers!


Rabbit ear model via stock photos at dreamstime.com

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