Tuesday, February 10, 2009

5 WoW Gold Tips

WoW Gold
WoW Gold Pig in tha house, yo.

What's up, my homies? The P.I.G. is in town ready to bring the floor down... or something.


We heard y'all like WoW Gold. Word, we dig that. Listen to my beats and we'll give you the lowdown on how to rake in the bling.

5 World of Warcraft Gold Tips

1. When in a new area, take the quests that are concentrated in one area or require you to kill the same monsters - you'll earn more WoW Gold and quest rewards in a shorter amount of time. Download and install the Quest Helper addon for easier questing, dude.

2. Get a gathering profession ASAP. As early as level 5, grab a gathering profession from the nearest trainer. Mining and skinning are good professions because the materials you get are always in-demand. Go out and mine for ore and skin animals and sell your stuff in the auction house.

3. Sell green and blue gear that you can't use at the auction house - DON'T sell it to NPCs. Check the auction house for prices and sell your gear accordingly. You can leave your auctions while you play and you'll eventually find a buyer.

4. When you have enough WoW Gold, buy Netherweave bags to increase the amount of items you can carry. More space means less time going back to town and sell your stuff.

5. Buy LOW, sell HIGH. Check the auction house for cheap in-demand items and buy them out. Wait a bit and put them on auction for a significantly higher amount. Be careful though - other players will notice this and undercut the price so that you won't have buyers. Play the auction house and play smart.

Aight, so you down with that? Cool. Of course, you can always buy WoW Gold to avoid the trouble and just get on with the program. Huzzah!

Peace out, whoop whoop and all that jazz.

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