Thursday, February 26, 2009

Get Your (WoW Gold) Facts Straight!

Remember WoW Gold Facts?

Yeah, we won an award from there. (Yipee!) Gold medal for WoW Gold Pig, ladies and gentlemen. That EGF was one tough cookie but the Pig's charm, grace and juicy rump won him over.

Everybody loves pig rumps.

But let's not talk about that. Let's talk about EGF. I mean, wow, he's really stirring up the other gold sellers. Just take a look at his VeryGE review. He got their PR guys to reply and go apologetic in just a few entries.

Talk about influential.

We trust EGF's reviews. Really. There's only one thing we'd have to pick on him about - HE HASN'T UPDATED HIS MEDAL ROSTER! Screw Valentine's, screw Christmas, screw the Oscars - I want my WoW Gold Facts medal now!

I'll start writing my self-congratulatory speech right now.

Seriously, EGF. Start updating your site. We won't get mad, we just want our gold medal. Shiny shiny gold medal. Mmm...

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