Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Funny Valentine

My funny valentine
Sweet honey cured valentine
You make me smile with my heart
Your looks are laughable
Yet you're my favourite pork of art

Okay, so we're a bit late. But we haven't forgotten you.

We love you long time, xoxo my boo.

As full-blooded males, we were inclined to chase skirts and go out with our sweethearts.

I bet you all spent some time with your loved ones, too. Relationships are always important.

That pink-haired Gnome in Ironforge doesn't count. (She's a MAN, baby!)

Men will do amazing things to impress the ladies. Valentine's Day is a perfect opportunity to show how much you love your girl, what you're willing to do in the name of love and having her wear edible undies.

I went on a date with a sweet lil' piggy this weekend. I first met her online, on the opposite side of Arathi Basin as she took my BM Hunter down in a few seconds as a Ret Paladin.

She had me at Hammer of Wrath.

We met at a nearby cafe and exchange pleasantries. I think she looked gorgeous with her long wavy hair and svelte build.

She thought I was taller in person. She's only seen me as a dwarf.

I planned a romantic day, strolling in the park, going to a museum and capping it off at the most expensive restaurant a dude could afford. The sun was up, it wasn't too cold and we're both feeling great. Oh, how exciting!

We spent the whole day talking about WoW. And how she thought the alliance sucked.

We went to Taco Bell and just laughed our butts off talking about Chuck Norris, Rick Astley and High Overlord Saurfang.

It was then that I felt that it just became a lame valentine. My plans were derailed and we were chowing down on fake Mexican food. Oh, the horror!

On the way home, she gave me a kiss.


"I had fun. See you tomorrow?"


"Oh, and switch to Horde, noob!" she said, smiling at me.

I could still hear her laugh as she closed the door.

That's amore.

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