Monday, January 26, 2009

15 Funny WoW Gold Pig Customers

Boy, I haven't had a good oink laugh in a looooong time.

Me and the pigs were taking on the Netherwing dailies and talking on ventrilo last night when someone brought up customer complaints and questions. Some are valid, some are weird, and some... are just downright hilarious.

We ended up laughing our asses off the whole night and not getting anything done.

Here are just 15 of the funniest WoW Gold Pig calls, emails and in-game transactions:

1. Someone wanted his gold to be delivered to his Call of Duty character.

2. During verification, a very angry customer demanded to know why he needed an internet connection to play WoW. When told that WoW was an MMORPG, the customer demanded that we make it single player.

3. Customer threatens to 'turn the internet off' if he didn't get a discount. We think he meant to turn his router/modem off. Oh noes, the internet!

4. Hearing a young customer (during phone verification) arguing with his mother over sending the gold to his Horde or her Alliance character.

5. Talking to a drunk customer who confused WoW Gold Pig for Adult Friend Finder.

6. Hundreds of emails, one question - "Why pig?"

7. Consoling a WoW player who broke up with her virtual Night Elf boyfriend.

8. Reprimanding said Night Elf boyfriend for cheating on Gnome girlfriend. We can't blame him, though. I mean, dude... Gnomes.

9. Having to explain what World of Warcraft is to a 70-year old who wants to buy a present for her grandson. Our canned response "A repetitive game about killing 20 different species into extinction as a half-naked blue elf and facing demons from another world" wasn't very convincing.

10. People ordering cold cuts, bacon, pork rinds, and sweet ham on a daily basis.

11. Questions about what the next WoW expansion would be. As much as we'd like to answer "The Pork Chop Strikes Back," we're not Blizzard Entertainment, dudes.

12. Delivering gold to a customer and spending the next 80 minutes declining propositions for questionable activities in Stormwind. From here on, our delivery characters will be burly, big orcs and male tauren. No more blood elf cuties for you.

13. Asking for a best time and location to deliver an order and getting a 10-page novel about the wonders of Orgrimmar and how fierce the towers look under the light of blazing torches and the sound of the wind blowing on the rooftops. Players on the RP realms are a queer bunch.

14. Phone verification rep: "Thanks for your time. And if you have questions..."
Customer: "What are you wearing?"

15. Customer email after completed delivery:

"I checked my mailbox and all I can see there is the latest issue of Hustler and my Comcast and T-Mobile bills. I have checked inside and out. Where is my gold, you pigs???"

We love our jobs.

Just imagine if Hitler was one of our customers.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Pig's Got The Fever

We can't always be playing World of Warcraft every waking moment. That'd be suicide.

And suicide's lame. Take this kid for instance.

So when I'm not rubbing elbows with Thrall in Orgrimmar or shooting hoops with Arthas in Northrend, I do a lot of other stuff too.

Like getting inebriated.

Of course, getting shitfaced doesn't always end well.

Exhibit A: Waking up in a stranger's house with a lampshade on my head.

Some of the other dudes at WoW Gold Pig do stuff like skateboarding, or free running. They also jam with their bands or something. But we all can porkin' agree on one thing:

We've got the fever for chicks.

Hotties. Mamacitas. Oh yeah.

We love them a LOT. In fact, we have a collective visual shrine in honor of the lovely ladies.

No, it isn't a porno stash. Don't insinuate.

Anyway, I was browsing YouTube today and totally ran out of offensive video clips to forward to my gramps.

Switched to Imeem and listened to this old favorite...thought I'd post it as a tribute to all the ladies I've loved.

Fever - Ray Charles and Natalie Cole

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

WoW Players: IBM Wants YOU!

Howdy, piglets! How was the weekend? Young people all over the world were out seeing other people, partying, socializing and having a great time.

What? You sat your butt in front of the 'puter playing World of Warcraft?

We figured as much.

Don't worry, we're in the same boat.

Who needs friends when you've got a bank full of purples and a truckload of WoW Gold, right?

Just don't forget to go back to work on Monday, dude.

You don't have a job?

Jeez, fine. I get it, you still own a fine piece of real estate under your mom's house.

But, hey! You're in luck - according to Softpedia, the bigwigs at IBM are totally into WoW players like you! the global executive in charge of games and entertainment at IBM, David Laux, has revealed that his company actually likes WoW players because of their organized lifestyle and leadership skills. He says that almost any game can have a positive impact on people and that other companies need to embrace their gaming employees but, at the same time, have them draw a line between their virtual and real-life duties.

“We have found across the board, if you look at different categories of games, they all have the ability to develop unique skills. That's from the casual games which improve memorization and the ability to discern details, to console games and shooter games that develop rapid decision making and to role playing games like the World of Warcraft that are very unique in producing leadership skills. [World of Warcraft] produces tremendous leadership skills among players. It teaches you how to evaluate risk, build teams for specific tasks and it also teaches individuals not to over react if they are not selected for a specific task.”

Original article
Uh-huh. I dunno about you guys, but I'd love to work at IBM's offices.

That is, if I didn't have this sweet gig at WoW Gold Pig.

It's challenging, demanding, and rewarding all at the same time. We also get to play WoW, dude.

And c'mon bro - we're called PIGS! You won't get that anywhere else.

You don't see McDonalds calling their employees cows or Microsoft addressing their executives as armadillos.


I wonder if IBM offers WoW Gold compensation packages?

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Top 10 Signs You're A WoW Gold Pig

What's up, my bacon-loving compadres?

The Pigs are chilling, fresh from a Heroic Violet Hold run. That was intense! Good thing our tank was well-geared and we were putting up impressive DPS.

Peeps keep sending mail inquiring about our name. Why WoW Gold Pig, you ask? Why the oink not?

Pigs are great. They live large. They're smarter than dogs. And…they have a sensitive side…pathologically independent, stubborn, and territorial. Yeah! Sounds like a personal review of my guild mates!

They also make for tasty baby back ribs.

But to really answer the question…and because a mental “picture” is worth a thousand words…I’ve compiled a list of things that may indicate if you are truly a WoW Gold Pig. Without sounding too Letterman, here you go:

*trumpet and drum roll*

10. You make strange, pig-like noises in voice chat to call your group's attention.

9. You play 4 hours a day and you have more WoW Gold than Johnny Depp has girlfriends…(this comment is founded on envy, not fact…my apologies if he’s gotten married since I last read a cheap Hollywood review…hehe)

8. You think Taurens are hot. (Hint: They're cows, you pig!)

7. You visit just to click the logo and hear the porker oink. (Admit it.)

6. You don’t have a NYSE ticker tape…but you DO check the Pig’s price feed hourly

5. You gather a group in WoW and take on the Hogger mob every single day.

4. You treasure your Golden Pig vanity pet.

3. You insist that Billie Jean is not your child, but a half-pig Warlock who summons deranged rock stars.

2. You pig out on pizza more than 5 times a week…(there’s nothing not natural about eating pizza 20 times a month…think of it as hording)…it’s that you are starting to think the Indian dude delivery boy is lusting after your T6 gear so you now have your pizza delivered to your neighbor’s address…where you wait on the door step dressed up like an Alliance tart trying to enter Stormwind…

And the number 1 sign you're a WoW Gold Pig...

1. You have collected 100,000 signatures to make PIGS a playable class in the next Wow expansion! Oink!

There you have it. If you’re guilty of any of the above, let’s hope your Mom doesn’t surf. Stay tuned to the Pig and keep cool.

WoW Gold
Buy WoW Gold
Cheap WoW Gold

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Monday, January 12, 2009

George, Easy On The Lithium!

It's not the MTV Awards...but winning a WoW Gold Facts FIRST PLACE MEDAL is awesome! Hurray for da Pig! Extreme Gold Fan got his wow gold (I guess this guy's been raked by the same sites we were.). He actually messaged us a bunch of questions which our man George answered and...well...George, we don't know what got into you (you pansy) but the next time you mention the words "pig, cute and intelligent" in the same sentence you'd better be talking about Paris Hilton's nanny! LMAO.

Dude, keep the cute and cuddly in the closet. Peeps are gonna start to wonder...

The Pig rulz!

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

WoW Gold Pig is a Gold Medalist!

The Pig has been declared the new gold medalist of a certain critic who reviews WoW gold sellers.

We don't want to reveal which critic and which site (yet), but one of our piggy bros saw the verdict in the latest review and squealed in delight.

Time to answer the critic's questions by email.

Congratulations to the WoW Gold Pig team! Let's keep up the good work by continuing to sell cheap WoW gold.

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Monday, January 5, 2009

It's Been a Good Week For The Pig

It's been a good week for the Pig. We're not only getting a lot of sales, we're also getting some WoW gold critics' attention. *oink oink*

A little birdie, er, piglet told us that we had piqued the curiosity of a pseudo-notorious critic named Extreme Gold Fan who's known for his funny but savage reviews about WoW gold sellers.

We'd like to impress this dude but he's still "hustling for money", which means he hasn't bought from us yet. Shoot!

Will someone please loan this guy some money? LOL! That way we can show him how great we are! And EGF, be gentle with us okay?

Hail to the Pig!

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