Thursday, May 28, 2009

Play A Character Playing A Character in World of World of Warcraft

Only one image can sum up how I feel about this.

Oh, don't forget to NAME THE TWITTER PIG hombres! Win 500,000 World of Warcraft Gold!

Monday, May 25, 2009

500,000 Gold Prize FAQ

wow treasure chest
Just imagine the chests are filled with WoW Gold

The Name the Twitter Pig contest is in full swing and we've got TONS of entries. Like a metric ton. A few thousand kilograms even. Enough to feed a small country!

I hope they dig winged pork.

The prize? 500,000 World of Warcraft gold. And all you have to do is name a lil' birdie pig? Totally sweet.

Whoa, there cowboy!

I know what you're thinking, hombre; "Golly gee willikers, how will you give me 500,000 gold if I gosh-darned won the contest?"

We've got you covered. Aside from stating it in our contest mechanics, the Pigs have prepared a small FAQ just for you. Read up if you plan on winning half a million Warcraft Gold.

1. WoW characters can't hold more than 214,748 gold, 36 silver and 47 copper - how can I possibly win 500,000 gold?

The prize will be split between ten (10) WoW characters chosen by the winner. That means 10 characters will receive 50,000 gold each. You can choose your guildies, friends or even your own alts!

2. Where do you get all that gold?

From Hogger!

Ok seriously, all of WoW Gold Pig's supply is obtained using effective and ethical methods that allow us dudes to get you the WoW Gold you love so much.

3. Sweet! Will I get the booty instantly?

Not instantly, but as soon as porkly possible. It will also depend on server economy, supply and arrangement with the winner.

4. That's awesome. What's the catch?

That's the best part - there is none! No purchase necessary and no stuff to pay for.

And there you have it. It's a totally sweet deal for WoW fanatics who need the edge. Join our Name the Twitter Pig contest today and win 500,000 WoW Gold!

You Have Unlocked the Great Outdoors!

A short post but a funny one, nonetheless.

(click for full size)

We should all get out more. I mean, I've already unlocked this Real Life Achievement. What's the worst thing that could happen?

Friday, May 22, 2009

500,000 WoW Gold Contest Extended!

Stop the presses! Today is a monumental event in human pig history! NAME THE TWITTER PIG HAS BEEN EXTENDED TO JUNE 30TH! Due to popular demand and one VERY special occasion.


Now am I a cool son or what?

She's can be a bit crazy but she's the bestest mom in the world. She's tough as nails. She also taught me how to stand up to bullies in junior high.

Using a 9-volt battery, a tin can, and lots of butter.

Don't ask.

So I got her a bouquet of roses, a custard cream pie and a nice lil' green sweater (all her favorites). I also brought Amy, a girl I've been going out a while with. I just thought I'd introduce her to my mom, y'know.

With a puff of cigar smoke, she pensively took the presents as I greeted her an obnoxiously loud "Happy birthday, mom!" Was I proud of myself, dude. "Mom, this is my girlfriend, Amy."

She gave her a thorough eye and took another puff of her Cuban cigar.

"Why?" she nonchalantly said.

'Why?' Why!? Why is she my girlfriend? Why is she brunette? Why does she have a tacky shirt on? Why is she female!? Man, that caught me off guard. The rest of dinner was spent in awkward silence and her telling me to eat my vegetables every 6 minutes. Cray-zeeeee!!!

Did I mention that Amy never talked to me after that?

I swear, my mother really drives me up the wall sometimes.

Still, this crazy lady is MY MOMMA. Happy birthday, you old battle ax!

(and no, that's not really her but it's an accurate representation)

You've got another month more to Name the Twitter Pig - don't pass up on the chance to win 500,000 World of Warcraft Gold! Join today!

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Thursday, May 21, 2009


This little piggie needs a name.

twitter pig,wow gold,buy wow gold,warcraft gold
Please give him a name. He badly needs it. Just don't ask what animal species his parents are.

Oh, you can also win 500,000 WoW Gold. You'd have to be crazy to pass that up.

Have a heart - Name the Twitter Pig. And make some awesome gold on the side.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Do not pass BlizzCon, Do not collect $125


BlizzCon 2009 Tickets Sold Out

There is only one word that can describe how I feel right now...


Within minutes, tickets to the most awesome event of the year (okay, next to Christmas) were sold out. It doesn't help that I had the pleasure of being sick in bed when the tickets went on sale.

Woe is me.

Of course, I could probably wait for May 30th for the next batch. Or I could buy them on eBay for an arm and a leg. Heartless buggers.

I hope you guys had better luck. I totally want to go to BlizzCon this year.

Be sure to join our Name the Twitter Pig contest. Win 500,000 WoW Gold! Win BIG with the PIG!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mmm... Burger Grease.

I'm not the most artistic person around. I don't know my Van Goghs from my Picassos. Heck, I thought Leonardo Da Vinci wrote Angels & Demons!

But today, I came to a realization. A renaissance. An artistic epiphany if you will.

I came across... BURGER GREASE ART.

Mona Greasa indeeeed. Crap, I'm hungry.

What would you do with 500,000 gold?

So we're having this contest here, ya see. Name the little porker over to the side and stand a chance to win 500,000 smackin' World of Warcraft gold. You'd have to be CRAZY not to see how easy and awesome this is.

Unless you don't play World of Warcraft. Then you'd just be silly.

My brain sometime does amusing things. Just a while ago it started *thinking*; "what ever would the winner do with all that gold?"

Well, my intrepid little grey matter. That's a good question. In fact, that's an awesome question. What will I ever do without you?

Shrivel up and die, at the very least.

Let's say some dude won the contest. He would most definitely have a problem deciding on what to use his newfound riches on. Dilemma!

Fear not, sports fans. WoW Gold Pig is on the case! As responsible dudes and dudettes, we've thought of this beforehand (like 5 minutes ago). Here are some examples of what our would-be winner can do with 500,000 WoW Gold:

1. Buy 166,665 Snowballs (499,995 gold). Throw them at your whole raid group while in Ulduar. (warning: may or may not get you /gkicked)

2. Gotta catch 'em all! Snag all the vanity pets you can at the Auction House (from 2,000 up to 5,000 gold each) and get the Lil' Game Hunter achievement.

3. We can all agree that one of the first things you'd do with all that gold is GEAR UP in BoE Epics HELLS YEAH! From Armbands of the Construct to Battlelord's Plate Boots, money is not an object (from 900-2000 gold a piece).

And we're just getting started. Just imagine what you can do with 500,000 gold. Join our Name the Twitter Pig contest and win big, dudes!

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Real Life Achievements

Achievements. It's the new in thing for games. I loved it on the Xbox 360 and when I heard that World of Warcraft is getting an achievement system, I simply wet my pants.

With Mtn Dew, of course.

Nowadays, I find myself just checking the Achievements tab for what to do. I ran old-world instances, /loved squirrels, /hugged Alliance and even jumped off high cliffs just to get the lovely schwing you get from unlocking an achievement. It's pure genius. Adding an addictive meta-game to an equally addictive MMORPG.

And then they added Peggle and real life was made obsolete.

Of course that's totally uncool. So to even things out, I logged out of WoW and told myself "Pig, you need to get out more. Why not do some REAL LIFE achievements?"

What an awesome idea, dude! But how should I go about that?

"Well first, we need to put on some pants and stop talking to ourselves. And stop addressing yourself as 'we'."

Right. Let's go! Oops, better not forget those pants.

The glare of the midday sun hits me for 59,578 damage. But I'm not staring at the Spirit Healer yet, strange. Was that an achievement?

Anyway, while walking down the street I saw a really hot chick walking her dog. Now this is an achievement. Maybe I should talk to her?

I went up to her and proceeded to strike up some muddled up conversation about bacon, murlocs, flathead screwdrivers and couch lint. Suave. Real suave. My face was so red, you could've mistaken me for a canker sore.

Then she started smiling. And then she giggled at me.

Finally! A female specimen who appreciates my masculine charm, and whose name doesn't end in .jpeg! I think I just unlocked an achievement big time.

Apparently, I put my pants on backward (how the hell does someone manage to do that?). I also stepped in her dog's explosive diarrhea. Just great.

This is why I don't go out.

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Punching your way to Achievements

Just a short post on what Obsessive-Compulsive World of Warcraft players would do for Achievements. Ever tried doing the "Did Somebody Order a Knuckle Sandwich" achievement? I have.

And I started at level 80.

Instead of going on about how insanely awesome stupid boring that way, here is a perfect graphical representation of that experience:

Bap, bap, bap, bap, bap... Be sure to check out Awkward Zombie for more funnies!

If you want to win 500,000 WoW Gold, enter our Name the Twitter Pig contest today! Hurry, promo ends by the end of May!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Top 10 PvP Excuses in World of Warcraft

I'll admit that I'm not a totally awesome PvP dood. In Ultima Online and EQ, I was always on the receiving end of a PK. But don't get me wrong, I love PvP in WoW as much as the next porker and I always try to get in a few BGs and duels going whenever I get a hankerin' for some combat.

You know what gets me about duels and PvP? The whiners. Those who always have an excuse for losing. Oh, don't get me started.

On second thought, *let's* get started. Here are the top 10 PvP excuses in WoW:

10. "You cheated!" Oh, come on! You gotta do better than that.
9. "If skill XX wasn't on cooldown, I would have won." With me at full health? I don't think so, Tim.
8. "I wasn't really paying attention to the fight." Funny, you also said that 7 duels ago.
7. "I didn't have buffs." Buffed or not, you're still probably not gonna survive my Shadow Word: Death or Mind Blast.
6. "My mouse isn't working properly." Gee, why would you start a duel then?
5. "I wasn't ready yet!" Duels have a countdown for a reason, dude.
4. "I was lagging." You were fine until you said that, though. Unless you meant 'my brain is lagging and I got pwned.'
3. "You're a frickin' Blizzard employee!" Just because I'm better than you doesn't mean I work for the big blue.
2. "You bought WoW Gold to gear up!" I think this post answers it best.

And the number 1 sad excuse in PvP is...

1. "Warlocks are so OP." Don't you know how hard it is to play a Warlock!?

I guess whiners get a different window when they die:

*Thanks to WoW Fail Blog for the images.

Hey, be sure to join our NAME THE TWITTER PIG contest and win HALF A MILLION WOW GOLD!

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Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Bacon of Hope

Booyah! Because bacon is a sure sign of salvation. Read original here.

The Noob Comic certainly satisfies the Pig's hunger for comedy. They touch on MMO topics (and bacon!) that are close to our porcine hearts. We totally dig how they accurately represent a lot of the mishaps and thought process of the average online gamer.

Give them a read and be prepared to laugh a while.