Wednesday, April 14, 2010

WoW VS GFs Can Be Funny

There comes a time in every pig's life where he is forced to make a difficult decision, one completely life-changing there is no chance of turning back.

Well okay so maybe there is…occasionally. But often times, it’s too late bro. I’m talking about choosing between Warcraft and your girl.

I never got to that stage where she’s throwin’ out my stuff and all so it’s cool. But I’m very much a single guy now so I guess I’ll do better next time to avoid that at all costs. Yes, ladies. This guy’s officially back on the market!

Called it quits with that hottie I’ve been dating on and off for 3 months. No, she didn’t go all psychobitchy on me (whew!), precisely because she didn’t have enough reason to.

Can't say the same for the lame ass dude in this vid though:

ROFLMAO! Damn, their music’s catchy. And the lyrics? Gold. Plus, girl’s actually kind of doable adorable.

And that is how you do it girls. Find a creative, non-endangering outlet to unleash your wrath instead of, oh IDK, sneaking in our rooms and shredding beta keys to get back at us or something.

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