Wednesday, February 25, 2009

WoW Gold Pig Video of the Week

WoW Gold Pig reportin' for duty, dudes! We're back and we've got a cool video for you. This YouTube collaboration comes from the famous Nymh, one of the more well-known WoW Machinima makers who can put down the beats along with the laughs.

The video, "Pwnage Like Us" is Nymh's last video. He's off to greener pastures and leaving WoW with a bang. Watch the video and be awed:

The editing, music, and vocals are superb - as expected from the mighty Nymh. You may have seen him before on WoW videos such as Hard Like Heroic, My Name is Nymh and the Warlock theme song, Just so OP. We will always remember you as a true bro.

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