Tuesday, February 3, 2009

WoW Girls That Make Us Go WOW

WoW Girls! WoW Gold!

WoW Girls

(I bet you 10 WoW Gold that we got your attention right away.)

The WoW Gold Pig dudes love their World of Warcraft. We also love girls. Put them together and we'll have a WoW-gasm.

Hoo boy. These sexy ladies come from a user named swanky on Flickr. Go ahead and see his photostream for more WoW girls. While we can't read the description, we assume that this is some kind of gaming expo in Hong Kong or somewhere relatively Chinese (they all look the same, so shoot me).

We may not like their gold selling methods, but we sure as hell dig their chicks!

Because WoW is big everywhere in the world, you can't have a gaming event without the WoW cosplay. The Pigs are impressed with the costume details, the colors of the fabrics, the likeness of the...

Who are we kidding? Mmm... midriff...

Now if only she was a tinge more blue...

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