Sunday, August 16, 2009

The BlizzCon of Ozz

So the Prince of Darkness will be rockin' BlizzCon 2009. I think Ozzy predicted this way back in "The Blizzard of Ozz." Soon, Ozzy and Arthas will be battling for the crown in a mix of hail, sleet, swords, guitars and slurred british accents. Man, that'd be awesome.

As long as it had subtitles.

Some of the Pigs are attending BlizzCon as hardcore fanboys, but this little piggie will stay home and sulk. And order the internet stream for the Grunty pet.

We've got lotsa tidbits from the big ol' Blizz these past few days. They be gettin' their newfangled Twitter accounts like @Warcraft, @Starcraft and @Diablo. As a self-proclaimed Twitter addict, you can bet your pork rinds that I'm following them on the WoWGoldPig Twitter.

Then there's the Cataclysm rumor, oh boy. I'm still waiting for Blizz to confirm this, or completely turn around and surprise us with a MURLOC expansion HELLS YEAH!

Who knows what'll happen in BlizzCon? Any speculations?

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