Wednesday, August 26, 2009

3 Myths about WoW Gold

You know that guy on the forums who goes on a tirade about how he hates WoW Gold and stuff? I can bet a double quarter pounder that you've encountered a couple in your travels in Azeroth and Northrend. They jabber on about it as a matter of fact, but is it really the truth?

Well, the Pigs are here to find out and debunk any myths, legends and hooha surrounding our favorite currency. Welcome to Mythbu- I mean, the WoW Gold Pig blog!

Myth #1: If you buy WoW Gold, you ruin the economy

World of Warcraft is an incredibly awesome game. I mean, it must be since we're totally addicted to it right? Part of what makes WoW awesome is how the game works. It lets you earn gold from different methods. One of these is the auction house which makes up a big part of this 'virtual economy.'

WoW's economy isn't as complicated as say, the United States' economy. It's a simple supply and demand thing. WoW Gold doesn't depreciate in value - it's just the sellers adjusting their prices according to the demand and the spending power of the buyers. This happens with or without WoW Gold being sold. Players can AND will find out ways to get more and more gold, and this means players will also find ways to increase their auction house prices.

So yeah, myth BUSTED.

This is further explained in the next myth...

Myth #2: Buying gold is cheating!

Cheating, eh? To answer this myth, let's first determine how gold is accumulated in-game through this step by step guide:

1. Play your toon and do quests, dailies and raids
2. Get gold from rewards and drops
3. ???
4. Profit!

Hmm... does that sound familiar?

Oh yeah, it's basically what EVERYONE does to earn gold in WoW! Fancy that.

When someone buys gold, they're just paying for the time that the farmer spent collecting it. It's a process that happens within the game's boundaries; from earning to transferring the gold.

There's really only one reason why people think it's cheating - because they feel threatened by others gaining the same amount of gold with their own resources. If you got all the time in the world to farm your gold, then go ahead. More power to you. If someone decided to use the money they worked hard to earn for some digital pixels in-game, then that's their choice.

Picture these 2 scenarios:

1. Newbie receives 1000 gold from a friend
2. Newbie buys 1000 gold from WoW Gold Pig

Look at it from a logical perspective - there is no difference. It's only when you put your emotions in the equation that you think you're being cheated.


Myth #3: Gold is obtained through compromised accounts and scams

Okay, this one is a doozy.

As with any barrel of apples, there's bound to be a few rotten dudes. In real life, there are smugglers, black markets, inside traders, medical malpractitioners and more.

WoW is no different. Because there is a viable and legitimate market, there are those who use use dastardly deeds to procure their wares and this is something that we are TOTALLY against.

I guess you can say this myth is plausible, but there are few things you can keep in mind to stop supporting these Chinese ripoffs.

Avoid any gold sellers that:

1. Spam in-game
2. Can't speak English
3. Ask for your freakin' password!

When people stop falling for the stupid Chinese tactics, these fraudsters will go out of business. Then everyone'll be happy!

Do you agree? Disagree? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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