Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Interview with Chris, Winner of 500k WoW Gold

We sat down over coffee (actually we just emailed) and interviewed Chris - the winner of the Name the Twitter Pig contest a while back.

He submitted the myth-tacular name 'Pigasus' and went to the bank with 500,000 World of Warcraft Gold. Let's learn more about him, shall we?

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and your experiences with World of Warcraft – how long have you been playing? How many characters have you leveled? Are you in a guild? What do you enjoy most in-game... discovery, questing, crafting, raiding, guild events?

Well my name is Chris, I'm from central Florida, I have been playing MMO's for almost 6 years now, and i actually just started playing WoW a few months ago. I have a level 80 DK that is my main and i'm in the process of leveling a paladin for pvp. I am in a very friendly guild full of sci-fi nerds that are actually real-life friends and i fit in kind of well. What i enjoy most about WoW is raiding, getting new gear for myself or guildmates and i like that you can level by questing instead of a mindless grind like some other MMO's i have played.

2. ‘Pigasus’ is a very creative name, how did you come up with it, where did your inspiration come from?

It actually came to me almost instantly after seeing the pig with wings, i was always very interested in mythological creatures as a kid and i thought pigasus was a creative play on pegasus.

3. Have you thought about what you will do with all of your winnings?

Oh yea, i promised my guild that we will all be driving around on choppers if i win :P and i cant wait to get some really cool pets, mounts and much needed crafted ulduar items.

4. How often do you visit the WoW Gold Pig blog? What do you think of it?

Well since i entered the contest i have visited the wowgoldpig blog several times daily, and i like it, its good to see a funny post or a link to something that's gonna give me a laugh.

5. Do you have suggestions about future topics the blog should cover?

Well you guys do a pretty good job as it is, i dont know if i would change a thing ;P

6. What future contests / sponsorships would you like to see from the Pig?

Maybe a creative WoW comic contest, or original artwork. Maybe a cosplay video of warcraft plot characters lol, i think that would be funny.

7. Have you purchased World of Warcraft gold before? Why do you think RMT is so popular among players?

Yes i have purchased gold before, and i think RMT is popular among players, particularly older players that have 9-5 jobs as it keeps them on par with the kids that are raiding and farming nonstop all day. Some of us have kids or other responsibilities and cant spend all day on WoW.

8. How did you first learn about the Pig?

First learned about the pig one day after i decided i could use a little extra gold to help level up jewelcrafting, so i started searching on google for reliable gold sites, and after doing a little research one of the names that kept popping up was your guys site, i had never really bought online currency before but i figured what the hell, so i did, and about 15 minutes after i put the order in i had my gold. :P

Thank you Chris! Maybe we'll take some of your suggestions and see what happens. Congratulations again, enjoy your WoW Gold dude!

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