Sunday, January 18, 2009

WoW Players: IBM Wants YOU!

Howdy, piglets! How was the weekend? Young people all over the world were out seeing other people, partying, socializing and having a great time.

What? You sat your butt in front of the 'puter playing World of Warcraft?

We figured as much.

Don't worry, we're in the same boat.

Who needs friends when you've got a bank full of purples and a truckload of WoW Gold, right?

Just don't forget to go back to work on Monday, dude.

You don't have a job?

Jeez, fine. I get it, you still own a fine piece of real estate under your mom's house.

But, hey! You're in luck - according to Softpedia, the bigwigs at IBM are totally into WoW players like you! the global executive in charge of games and entertainment at IBM, David Laux, has revealed that his company actually likes WoW players because of their organized lifestyle and leadership skills. He says that almost any game can have a positive impact on people and that other companies need to embrace their gaming employees but, at the same time, have them draw a line between their virtual and real-life duties.

“We have found across the board, if you look at different categories of games, they all have the ability to develop unique skills. That's from the casual games which improve memorization and the ability to discern details, to console games and shooter games that develop rapid decision making and to role playing games like the World of Warcraft that are very unique in producing leadership skills. [World of Warcraft] produces tremendous leadership skills among players. It teaches you how to evaluate risk, build teams for specific tasks and it also teaches individuals not to over react if they are not selected for a specific task.”

Original article
Uh-huh. I dunno about you guys, but I'd love to work at IBM's offices.

That is, if I didn't have this sweet gig at WoW Gold Pig.

It's challenging, demanding, and rewarding all at the same time. We also get to play WoW, dude.

And c'mon bro - we're called PIGS! You won't get that anywhere else.

You don't see McDonalds calling their employees cows or Microsoft addressing their executives as armadillos.


I wonder if IBM offers WoW Gold compensation packages?

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