Thursday, March 11, 2010

What Cataclysm Means for Three Little Pigs

Hey porkers! How’s it hanging?

Here at The Pig, we’ve been super pumped by all the juicy bits Blizzard shared on the Cataclysm expansion in its latest developer Twitter chat.

Class balances, graphics updates and gear mechanics were all discussed. But one thing we noticed was how owning tons of Gold can make Cataclysm a bit more bearable. Below are must-buy conveniences for three types of porkers:

Battlegrounds Rations (For PvP Boars)
Brush off those flag capping and tower defending skills! You’ll need it when the new Battle for Gilneas City battleground opens. While exact mechanics are still up in the air, it’s known that the Alliance and Horde will fight over the districts of Gilneas City.

Cataclysm also ushers in rated battlegrounds, which will up the ante for cross-server teamwork. Last longer with the aid of flasks and other food buffs. Potions also cost WoW Gold a pop, but timed well it can save you a trip from the graveyard.

Splurge on these consumables because random battlegrounds will also yield arena points soon. You mean we’ll get the latest Gladiator armor set through battlegrounds? Heck yeah!

Bigger Bags (For Loot Hogs)
While PvP boars get their snouts dirty in the battlegrounds, loot hogs will head to the World’s End Tavern to buy bigger all-purpose bags from socialite Haris Pilton.

Blizzard did not specify though whether the new bags will have 26 slots or more. The 24-slot Portable Hole is the biggest all-purpose bag in game today and costs 3,000 WoW Gold each. If you’re a rabid loot pig like the peeps in Hoarders, then better stock up on WoW Gold now to cover the high cost.

Extra bag space is king and stores more epic gear, holiday items and even flirty letters from hot draenei chicks. Especially the flirty letters. Gotta keep those no matter what!

Submarine Trips (For Casual Hams)
This one’s for the casual hams who like to ride the Ironforge tram for its undersea view.

Blizzard announced that gnomes and goblins have built submarines the size of the Icecrown gunships, which will transport players to submerged regions accessible in Cataclysm.

We think there will be a cool viewing deck to observe the aquatic life below the Great Sea. So if you’re the type who likes to take screenshots or footage for Youtube vids, then better stock up on WoW Gold now. That way, you can pay for countless fare rides back and forth the cool submarines and even buy special gear that match the underwater background.

So go farm saronite, play the auction house or get a little help from us. All that matters is you have enough coin to spend come Cataclysm.

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