Monday, February 22, 2010

Titansteel with My Cereal, Yum!

Ah Blizzard, why must you spoil us like those prized pigs at the fair?

We’re still digesting all the sweet goodness from the random dungeon tool. Now, you bring a patch update that makes it even easier for us to own epic gear and a Mechano-hog mount? Yep, we've died and gone to epic heaven.

How does Patch 3.3.3 do this exactly, you porkers ask? Well the patch notes show the removal of the 20-hour smelting cooldown for titansteel bar. This means miners can now churn out an unlimited number of titansteel bars, one of the main reagents for crafting the Mechano-hog, Jeeves and dozens of other amazing purple items.

Our advice is to save up on WoW Gold (or get a little help from the Pig if you’re a bit short on coin) and wait for the patch to go live. By then, you can purchase the once-rare titansteel in stacks and have enough to tip a master engineer or blacksmith.

If you’re a blacksmith who mines his own ores, abolishing the titansteel cooldown will bring even bigger bucks to your profession. We suggest saving a nice spot at a Dalaran forge because you’ll soon be cranking out Boots of Kingly Upheaval like never before.

There’s always a supply of freshly minted 80’s who like to get geared fast for heroics so take the time to cash in on your profession. Or just use it to become that popular guy who helps guildies gear up for their weekly raid runs.

Chicks dig guys who provide--it’s just how human nature works--so fire up that furnace and hammer away all that welfare titansteel!

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