Sunday, February 7, 2010

WoW Armory – A Stalker’s BFF

All right, we got a situation (not The Situation, thank God) on our hands hooves. Potentially speaking, at least. Blizzard’s a freakin’ enabler for stalkers these days, man.

First, they update the WoW Armory. The one with the 3D character models? Yeah, that’s pretty sweet.

It also came with the character and calendar activity feeds, which I’m sure you’re all already familiar with at this point. And now there’s an app that pretty much does the same thing in Facebook too! YAY!!!

*rolls eyes and wolfs down a Snickers bar*

I think they’ve gone overboard with the whole “if you got it, flaunt it” belief thinking that we all want to share our best in-game achievements with everyone. It does nothing but stroke your…Okay, let’s not go there. The main issue here is that of privacy. That’s what it really boils down to. Thanks to timestamps, anyone can follow your toon’s developments in real time, as it displays the exact time and date of when you last played.

Not that I have anything to hide or be ashamed of concerning my stats but then again, I’m not entirely comfortable giving just anyone open access to my gaming habits. I mean, you can’t opt out. That’s the thing, dude. Just recently, my buddy’s parents girlfriend used the timestamps against him as evidence that he lied about working overtime as an excuse to ditch her cousin’s wedding rehearsal on that same Friday his update showed he completed “some dumb achievement.” Needless to say, he got rid of the Facebook app.

You see, this isn’t just about your cover being blown. On a more serious note, people’s accounts are subjected to greater risk. Those without Authenticators might just be the ones hit the hardest.

Armed with the latest WoW stalking tool, those pesky hackers could track down your gaming habits just by finding out your character’s name plus server, and go online at times you don't usually play to do their dirty deeds. Like, I don’t know, possibly rolling a new toon on a different server and play your account for bot farming and in the process get caught and suspended with you none the wiser? Yes, my dear pigs, I really do think I’m on to something here. This isn’t me trying to be all Sherlock Holmes-y on you.

So here’s my advice. If you don’t have a Authenticator yet, get one! Also, always keep your passwords to yourself. It’s all about taking precautionary measures.

Now, what else should we prepare ourselves for? Hmm, I think I’ve got it all covered. Oh yeah ― SPAM. Those WoW Armory feeds can spam like nobody’s business. I only like my spam canned (and subsequently diced to put in my mac and cheese or toasted to pure perfection), TYVM.

There's a party in my mouth and you're invited, S.

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