Wednesday, February 24, 2010

In A Rush For The Plush


I just checked the Blizz store and got good news. The Wind Rider Cub and Gryphon Hatchling have now broken out of their shells, ready to fly and land straight to your doorstep.

Now the Warcraft Plush Pets, the first in a new series of “cuddly, crafty critters”, have been announced a few weeks back. I’m not the biggest fan of stuffed animals, especially now that I’ve manned up and developed a six-pack (not entirely true ATM but I’m getting there), though I have to admit that these adorable playthings―yes, I did in fact use the word playthings―tug at my bacon-smothered heartstrings.

Come to Papi!

I’ve been thinking about this for quite some time now, actually. See, the Pandaren Monk (the one that helped raise up to $1.1M in sales and made wishes come true…woot!) already costs 10 bucks a piece so it goes without saying that these Plushies would cost a pretty penny. And I was right. They officially went on sale yesterday and are $24.99 each to be exact.

The age-old Shakespearean-esque question remains: To buy or not to buy?

Dammit, they’re available for a limited time only so I gotta think fast! I believe the pros outweigh the cons though. The best part of this purchase is the bonus in-game pet code. The thought of not flying by my lonesome in Azeroth gets me stoked, dude!

Also, you can adopt either pet in-game regardless of your faction which is great but also kinda irrelevant as I play both Alliance and Horde. Don’t hate.

Plus, it doesn’t hurt to add to my collection of toys for the big boys. If that doesn’t work, I could always give the plush away to my niece current squeeze as a “just because” type of gift. Yeah, chicks dig that stuff.

Or not. I could invite her over at my place to hang out, carefully misplace the furry little gem somewhere she’d instantly see and then ever so casually tell her that she can take it home. Even better man! Geeky, yes. But I still score points for the cute factor.

In any case, I am saving up.

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