Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pigz Got (Social) Skillz, Y’all

4 days to go before the big V Day. Yeah, we do countdowns too. Nothing wrong with that. Some might think that we’re getting overly anxious just trying to get past the large stumbling block of getting a date this upcoming Hallmark holiday. But they’d have to think again.

Truthfully, we’re no basement dwellers (I used to be one up until last year but I am not one now anymore and that’s beside the point). The geeky, sweaty, mouth-breathery stereotype of gamers is passé. But them peoples are ignorant, man. They refuse to acknowledge the fact that us pigs got game!

To prove just that, I present you the WoW Gold Pig-approved list of in-game pick-up lines (thank you, internet):

"So hey, if I get to exalted with you do I get a 'Special' Epic Mount?"
"Hey, nice pants. What's the drop rate?"
“Are those pants from Mount Hyjal? Cause that ass is EPIC.”
"Don't worry, baby. I've got a Blessing of Protection."
“I dont need to cast a fire spell to ignite your fire.”
“Yeah, that's right... I'm hung like a Tauren.”
"Wanna raid my chamber?"
“Are you a vendor? Because I'd like to browse your goods.”

Not too shabby huh? A tip for piglets though: You don’t wanna come across as a pervy creep so use sparingly.

Now that I’ve got you equipped with mayjah skillz, I’ll leave you with an oldie but goodie to get you in the right perspective― Nymh’s Hard Like Heroic. Sleazefest FTW!

You’re welcome.

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