Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Burning Rubber for the Old Timers

Whenever I ride through the old world towns in my Mekgineer’s Chopper, lowbies always ask me: "Is that sweet ride worth it?"

Yes, it cost me an insane amount of WoW Gold. and buying it devastated my bank alt ("What about the children?!"). But the Chopper is, hands down, the coolest mount in the game. Far cooler than the Big Love rocket no doubt. It's the e-p33n equivalent of a Harley Davidson with a crap ton of in-game use.

Take the ongoing Lunar Festival, for example. I can’t imagine completing the meta achievement To Honor One’s Elders without my Mek-daddy. Nothing beats warming up that motor, inviting a buddy along, and just visiting those elders as fast as possible.

My buddy who tagged along also had a dual screen PC so he googled the most efficient travel routes for us. The passenger seat of the Chopper also made sure I had fun company on the road. Prepare for a snooze-fest if you plan on visiting the 70+ elders alone.

It's also useful to have a pal around when raiding the Horde capitals for their elders. His dwarf pally stirred up some trouble in Orgrimmar until every trigger happy mage blasted him with a fireball.  Meanwhile, I sneaked off to talk to Elder Darkhorn before happily switching roles as a Horde training dummy.

With my trusty Chopper, we collected all the Coins of Ancestry in a day, and one step closer to the mother of all rides: the Violet Proto-Drake. 310% flying speed will be golden when Cataclysm arrives complete with the new zones like Grim Batol near Uldaman.

If you've never been to Grim Batol, porkers, take the Chopper for a spin there after finishing the holiday achievement. The dragons are hiding something big behind those doors so try getting a peek inside--Elune knows I've tried!

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