Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February Feeding Frenzy!

I know, I know. It still doesn’t top National Pork Month. I don’t think any food holiday ever can. Not on WoW Gold Pig’s list, that’s fo sho. But any cause to let yourself go have fun with food is suficiente bueno for us.

For the whole month of February―gasp, only 28 days!―we will be devoted to snacking EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Definitely not a job for someone who’s had S’mores Pop Tarts for his morning snack, chili dog for on-the-go, Tangy Roasted Corn Fritos for mid-afternoon, cinnamon rolls for pre-dinner and the criminally tempting Everything But The…Ben and Jerry’s to fight the midnight snack attack. Eh so that may seem a little much but dude seriously, where am I supposed to get all my energy? 3 square “barely there” meals just won’t cut it.

So like the gluttonous little oinker that I am, I searched the web for interesting snack ideas. It wasn’t long ‘til I found two WoW-inspired snacks, courtesy of snackordie.com, where games and gastronomical pleasures find true love and live slobbily ever after.

So I found these Hearthstone cinnamon buns first. Yes, here’s to hoping that if I eat this I could teleport myself straight to the kitchen and then back to the couch, kitchen-couch, kitchen-couch…oh joy.

Show off your faction pride with these Horde cupcakes. I could just imagine my stomach growling, “For the Horde!!!” as the cake and icing bits hit the roof of my mouth.

Now if only my favorite WoW desserts could materialize. Mmm…moist, buttercreamy goodness of red velvet cupcake, tarty-starchy mix of the berry pie slice, down home comfort of a deep fried candybar

Jeez, all this snack talk is making me hungry. Again. Whoo boy, are my porcine instincts in overdrive or what? Happy NSFM piggies!

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