Thursday, February 4, 2010

Phat Gear in Patch 3.3.2

Hey, porkers, hope you skipped the lunch buffet because Patch 3.3.2 just served a pile of phat gear for us to chew on.

In this major patch that opens up the Frostwing Halls, we get to save a green dragon from being a Scourge lab rat and kill an undead wyrm who likes to eat heroes frosted. Clearing both encounters unlocks the path to the Frozen Throne room where, if spoilers are to be trusted, hero NPCs like Sylvanas and Jaina will help in the final battle against Arthas.

Within a couple of days, top guilds have attempted to down the Lich King but only a select few succeeded such as  Blood Legion (10-man world first kill) and Ensidia Paragon (legit 25-man normal world first kill). The biggest incentive for these leet groups aside from the bragging rights are the drool-worthy loot drops listed here and here. I don't know about you dudes, but I'd pay WoW Gold to get a glimpse of those heroic 25-man weapons with their awesome stats and loregasm quotes.

For the PvP hogs out there, the coveted items will be the new armor sets for the Season 8 Arena.

I'd rock the paladin set (shown above) in a heartbeat but something tells I should donate the helmet to the Deadmines diggers. The rogue set concept also owns because blind assassins are simply badass.

Patch 3.3.2 even made gear-hunting faster for those still working their way up the ilevels. Several nerfs have made the bosses easier in some dungeons (Forge of Souls, Nexus) and sped up the NPC run times in others (Halls of Stone).

So go, pig out on all the emblems. Just remember to stock up on WoW Gold for fish feasts and other vital consumables. Believe me, the well fed buff can make a fail PuG a barely-made-it win.

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