Wednesday, January 27, 2010

WoW Mag is Not a Rag

It took them nearly three expansions, but yes porkers, Blizzard has learned enough publishing skill points to craft the first official WoW magazine. And surprise surprise, the launch issue seems like an ilvl 500 collectible.

I've read through the articles, and IMO the subscription price is well worth it if all the quarterly issues are this good! But if you're on a budget and plan to grab some WoW Gold instead, then practice those emotes and /beg for the advance copy of an understanding guildie.

This cover image alone of an injured Arthas during the final face-off at the Frozen Throne is priceless. I'd even hang it up my bedroom wall should I ever snag one of those elusive belfs. It's all the more sweeter in my head imagining the vengeful Sylvanas slinging those painful crit-hits.

The new mag contains all sorts of win content, and for all types of players, too. Casuals get to gush over the pet collection trend (pages 8-13 in the preview), while hardcore raiders will reserve the spoilerish Siege of Icecrown Citadel feature (pages 14-21) for bedside reading after the last encounter of WotLK.

I'm also drooling over the Cataclysm tidbits. Faithful readers know I'm pretty sick of battling through snow and undeath, so looking over new Worgen art is bringing back some of that excitement.

Warning Labels

The last few weeks may be taking its toll on me. It's been nothing but bacon binges (it's mandatory here at and clearing the rest of ICC like the Plagueworks and the Crimson Hall. It's quite an unhealthy combination, especially on the raiding side. I even thought up some warning labels that should come with every progression guild invite:

"Healing is dangerous to your hairline."
"Tanking is the leading cause of headaches."
"(Aggroing) DPS kills (appetites)."


The only thing keeping me sane these days is the spine-shivering soundtrack "Invincible" that will be played at some point in the Arthas encounter. It's my current Zen music, see if it works for you as well, porkers:

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