Friday, January 8, 2010

Getting The Hollywood Treatment

Sometimes, I wish I were cute and cuddly. Hey, a man’s gotta come clean.

At this particular time when the temperature drops to negative God-knows-what and the outdoors transforms to effin Dun Morogh, sometimes means now. And right now, all I want is to be a fun-sized pork chop.

Like this one―last photographed wrapped in a pink furry blanket and being held seductively by Paris Hilton.

This isn’t right bro. How come Miss Piglette gets to be all cozy with the socialite heiress and not me? We love us some good ole canoodlin’ too!

Now don’t let their size fool ya. These micro-pigs are making it big in the hills. Victoria Beckham and that carrottop kid from Harry Potter were reportedly two of the first celebrities who snagged these mini-pets.

They’re clean, friendly, compact, smart, adorable…see? No catch. OH WAIT. Brb, I need to double check something…

*googles furiously*

£700. That’s how much each miniature porker costs (roughly around a shitload of dollars. Do the math). WTF dude. No hard feelings though. Us here at WoW Gold Pig salute you, Micros Pigus, for upping the pig’s status and representing us well. Umm, sort of.

On a side note…As far as non-combat pets go, I think these itsy-bitsy little bacon buddies have what it takes to be a hit. That said, Blizzard should take a cue from Hollywood and start breedin’ these babies.

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