Monday, January 4, 2010

Love Babes and The Hangover Dilemma

What do you get when you mix Booty, booze, babes and a whole lot of bang?

The best New Year's shindig this side of the Eastern Kingdoms, no doubt.

I visited Old World Azeroth several days ago to count down the minutes to 2010, and Booty Bay seemed like ground zero after a frat house soiree. The goblin bruiser guards were face smashed and dinged with zzz's--even while fireworks were blowing up the skies of Stranglethorn Vale.

Down for the Countdown. Will they wake up in time for their kin's Cataclysm debut? [Hat tip]

After watching the pyrotechnics show and making explosions of our own (care of an Engineer pal who busted open his stocks of green fireworks), we hearthed back to Stormwind for a celebratory toast.

Blizzard was kind enough to send giant barrels of fine bubbly, complete with festive mugs to down the spirits with. The posse decided to hang out at the trade district for awhile. The RL stories of eating and boozing in the main channel were too good to pass up--from leftover eggnog shots to Johnnie W's on the rocks. (Psst, the Pig still says to drink responsibly and never to drive drunk IRL, okay?)

From Stormwind we raced to Ironforge on foot via the Deeprun Tram tunnels. Now that was fun, noticing the underground aquarium for the first time! We then settled in Stonefire Tavern for a private afterparty (Tauren bouncer included, shockers!) to sample the fine liquor its barmaid had to offer.

The Brewer of Our Discontent. Barmaid Gwenna Firebrew serves better buzz than a sap-happy rouge. [Hat tip]

A jug of bourbon. A flagon of mead. A flask of port. A bottle of Pinot Noir. All that good stuff sent us straight to fuzzy screen land.

Someone suggested we then walk the bridge ledges connecting the Commons to the Auction House. Fall down and you'll pony up the next round of drinks--roughly 5 gold. I forget who lost or how long we spent there, only that we ended up /love-ing each other and the winter boars outside Ironforge.

Yes, we've locked the screenshots away and fed the key to Hogger. We decided against deleting, though, because of a possible The Hangover dilemma.

And the babes, you ask? Well the snouted kind seemed more willing to hang with us. The nubile belf-y kind were either aggroing or running in the other direction. Pfft, so what else is new.

Had crazy fun as well this New Year, porkers? Tell us what happened and welcome back to sanity!

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