Sunday, March 14, 2010

March Madness Sale at

Ever felt like a tub of lard sitting in Dalaran while better geared players raided the Icecrown Citadel? Well, QQ less and grab more gold! hooks you up with the best gold deals ever in its month-long March Madness Sale. Just $4.95 per 1,000 Gold bought in all US servers!

Now you can upgrade those so-so blues to epic crafted purples, and purchase rare gems to max out your stats. Your penny pinching days are over, my friend!

Cataclysm will also burn a hole through your pocket, so better stock up on gold fast. Blizzard just released new details on the Mastery system and our current gear will become outdated soon. But if you build a nice gold stash, you'll collect that Mastery gear in no time.

Everyone's rushing to the March Madness Sale so don't be the poor piggy that gets left behind! WoWGoldPig store has recruited the finest goblins to service you, minus the snarky attitude of course. You'll get expert gold advice and lots of pampering fit for a goblin trade prince.

Buy 1,000 Gold for $4.95 now!

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