Monday, February 1, 2010

Fishing it Forward

Getting free stuff in WoW is pretty neat at the off chance it happens. Like when a warrior decked out in Relentless Gladiators handed my lowbie alt a green upgrade. It was unexpected but appreciated nonetheless since it saved me an auction search or quest run, at the very least.

I see the same level of kindness whenever fish feasts are laid out before me when running PuGs. These marine luaus aren’t cheap in terms of WoW Gold, so it pleases me when a stranger is kind enough to spoil me like a lil piggy. (Well, yeah, a part of me wishes a bacon and eggs buffet was available instead).

Yes, even that huntard deserves it. [Pic Source]

When I asked a draenei priest who gave out one without any prodding said she wanted runs to be more pleasant, and told me to try it sometime when I can.

See, aside from giving great buffs, fish feasts also lighten the mood of a PuG run—even when it goes real bad. Just the other day, on normal Utgarde Pinnacle, the group wiped on a trash mob pull. Blames ensued and names called that no mother will ever want to hear, so I thought of laying out the fish feast.

It worked like a charm. Suddenly, the smug rogue was giving tips to the inexperienced death knight, and the tank and healer have stopped taking potshots at each other. When we cleared the dungeon without wiping again, I officially became an advocate of fishing it forward. Call me crazy, but with how some PuGs are acting these days, Blizzard could use a community goodwill trainer in the spitting image of Trevor McKinney played by Haley Joel Osment in the classic movie Pay it Forward.

So if you find yourself flying around Dalaran with nothing better to do, go level up that fishing skill. Then head to Wintergrasp to fish for the mats or just buy wholesale at the AH when prices are low and you have all the WoW Gold to spare.

I promise you’ll get the same fuzzy feeling I get, as if I’m making WoW a better place one plate of fish at a time. Well until Cataclysm arrives and both factions get to slit each other's throats like never before again... *looks at Garrosh and shakes head in disdain*

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