Friday, November 20, 2009

World of Warcraft Week - Wrath of the Swine King

In the cold, harsh northlands...

...of Los Angeles, California, a lone dude set in motion the events that would forever change the history of the poultry dish in front of his eyes.

And then, he sneezed into his chicken soup.

Yeah, I've got the sniffles. It's not swine flu. But I'm pretty sure I've got a fever. Chop Model fever, that is!

*ah-choo!* Oh wow. You wouldn't want to see what's on my monitor right now. Or you might. Lemme get a kleenex.

Where were we... oh right. It's the final day of World of Warcraft week on the Next Chop Model. Salami Hayek stalked the darkness as a Night Elf hunter while Gordon Blue asked us if we were prepared as Illidan Stormrage. And a good job they did at it.

Will our other two chop models be able to compete? Bring it on, piggies!

Jaina Proudmoore

From the magical tower of Dalaran comes Cassie Role. Taking on the fearsome undead scourge, Cassie struts her stuff in a mage outfit, reminiscent of WoW Gold Pig favorite, Jaina Proudmoore. We really love her outfit. You could say that she cast a spell on us.

She also used the same spell to grill us some burgers. HUZZAH!

Lich King Arthas

Brrrr! Now I know where I got the cold. The Swine King himself has descended the Icecrown Citadel and rain terror, death and... bacon? The detail of Peter Porker's armor shows how much he's put into this contest. Even the harsh climate in his photoshoot didn't make him flinch.

Oh wait, I think he's frozen solid. Well, just come back when we've thawed the poor porker. In the meantime, get your fill of WoW Gold by answering our Chop Model Trivia! Join us on Twitter and Facebook to increase your chances of winning.

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