Thursday, November 12, 2009

WoW Gold Pig's Next Chop Model - Week 2, Part 2

Hey stranger, you've stumbled across the WoW Gold Pig blog. I hope you're hungry, because it's time again for a healthy serving of pork - pork CHOP MODELS, that is! Care for a bite?

It's the Street Art Challenge week for our lil' piggies and the chop models are painting their way to bacon immortality. And maybe an eight course dinner.

Speaking of street art, did you know that the word graffiti was derived from an Italian word that means to "scratch" or "scribble." Those Italians sure know how to liven up a blank wall!.

Damn, all that Italian talk's got me craving for some pizza. On to the chop models!

WoW Gold Pig

The debonair Davin is lookin' might fierce right there. I don't know if he looks like the Ultimate Warrior or God of War's Kratos. Eitherway, he's got that badass street vibe. One question - is he a bad enough dude to rescue the president win the contest?

WoW Gold Pig

RAWK ON YEAAAAAHHHH! Is that Gordon Bleu or KISS's Gene Simmons? We're told that in his free time, Gordon plays a mean riff on the guitar. Whether this is on Guitar Hero or a real one, we'll never know.

Tomorrow, you'll see the last two pigs for this challenge. Have they got what it takes to beat the competition? Find out!

Don't forget to answer the chop model trivia up there - you'll get a chance to win 2000 WoW Gold instantly. Enjoy!

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