Friday, March 13, 2009

The Pig Cares About Cred

The Pig takes his business very seriously, little piggies. I didn't put up WoWGoldPig as a hobby. Nope, this is a VERY SERIOUS, VERY INTENSE deal. Think of it as my baby that brings home the bacon for me and makes life easier for busy WoW players. More importantly, this deal is also about giving the WoW gold-selling industry some CRED while maintaining my business' own CRED!

That's why I'm pissed when others take all the hard work of the Pig and his compadres and rip it off from the front, side and backside. But we all know that no copycat crime goes unnoticed (especially something as OBVIOUS as....hmm, my snout is sealed, even muzzled for now but go read the older posts for a clue, oink!). Pretty soon, WoW gold-buying peeps will catch on and know who the real McOink is!

In other news, the Pig has a date on Saturday night with a HOT HOT HOT MAMACITA! Think Blood Elf gorgeous, but with pupils in her lovely green eyes. WISH ME LUCK!!!

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