Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Real McOink, I Mean The Real McCoy Stays Zen

This Pig is Zen. This Pig will not stoop to their level.

Copycats, or in this case, copyhogs will get their karmic comeuppance.

How? Through their own stupid means.

We all know how poor imitations are just that - poor imitations of the real thing. In the end, the WoW gold buyers will know who is the real deal and who is the heel.

You can rip off web design and words, but you can't rip off quality service and delivery speed! You can't rip off honest business practices! And that's what WoW Gold Pig is all about - honesty and getting the job done.

This Pig is Zen until the bad reviews for the other sty, I mean camp, start pouring in. Then he and his gang of piggies can ROFLMAO with glee.

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