Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bacon Roasting On An Open Fire…

OH COME ON, who cares about chestnuts?

Duuuude, roasted bacon is dee-vine. It’s pure heaven I can’t even begin to tell you.
That reminds me, Christmas is almost a week away. Man, that means I’m running out of time to master my oven-roasting skills!

Fortunately, that’s not the case with my Christmas shopping. I finally got around to doing it―online, of course. I admit I can’t brave the massive last-minute holiday shopping crowds. Yeah yeah, call me a wuss. At least I can take that.

So anyway, here are just some of the gifts I picked out for the dear carnivores in my life. This is essentially a bacon-centric gift guide (read: not for everyone).

To start off, these raw bacon magnets ($4.99) are a key addition to any meat lover’s fridge. Realistic, eh? Bonus points for helping you remember the groceries.

Save this sizzling bacon soy candle ($26) for a non-traditional candlelit dinner. It crackles and smells like bacon frying in a pan which, I’m guessing, should impress your lady friend.

For the number one accident-prone buddy, these bacon bandages ($3.50) are pretty damn thoughtful. Also a nice way of saying, “Merry Christmas, klutz.”

This handy bacon air freshener ($2.74) is great for masking that recurring locker room stench we are all too familiar with. Nothing like spicing up the air with the aromatic scent of bacon!

Feel like getting something on the fancy side? This bacon silk scarf ($57) will generate oohs and aahs. Shades of crimson red and carnation pink adorn this hand-painted beauty.

Lastly, you can’t go wrong with this bacon statement shirt ($20). I’ve already gotten one for everyone here at WoW Gold Pig. Hell yeah, bacon brings badass back.

Now remember piggies, if you get inspiration from this list, I take full credit. LOL!

[Images taken from Etsy and Amazon]

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