Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Chop Model Trivia Update

It's a showdown between Peter Porker and Gordon Bleu in the Next Chop Model. They're taking a well-deserved rest before the final challenge - a perfect opportunity to give you an update on the trivia questions and answers!

Next Chop Model

Q. How many classes are there in World of Warcraft?
A. 10

Q. What other term for street art is derived from an Italian word meaning 'to scribble'?
A. Graffiti

Q. What is the next World of Warcraft expansion called?
A. Cataclysm

Q. What sound does a pig make?
A. Oink!

Q. What World of Warcraft race did Salami Hayek dress up as?
A. Night Elf

Q. Which World of Warcraft character did Gordon Bleu dress up as?
A. Illidan Stormrage

Q. Who is Peter Porker dressed up as?
A. The Lich King, Arthas

Q. What's the largest amount of WoW Gold you can buy on WoWGoldPig.com?
A. 50,000 gold

Did you answer correctly? Well, if you did, you've probably received a message from us and won 2000 gold!

It's that easy, that exciting and THAT tasty! Want bacon? We got bacon! Have you won yet? Let us know in the comments. If you haven't, then you'd better get to answering our awesome trivia everyday!

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