Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Broodmother Returns - Onyxia's Back, Baby!

Dude, have you heard? Good ol' Blizz surprised some of us today with the rollout of WoW Patch 3.2.2 and it's all awesome and stuff here at WoW Gold Pig.

I remember back in the day when Onyxia was a big deal back in vanilla WoW. Hoo boy, was she a fearsome boss. If you were part of an old Onyxia raid, you'd know how frantic it was just to get a group going and actually have them know the encounter.

You have to know where the melee should position themselves, where the tank should be, where the healers... y'know what? I'll just let this guy explain it to ya.

More DoTs! More DoTs! Always a fun watch. Oh, and I know that's technically not Onyxia in the pic above, it's Onyxia disguised as Lady Katrana Prestor. But c'mon, I think she's hot.

For a black dragon who wants to eat your guts and deep breath you into oblivion.

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