Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Wowing the WoW Girls Part 1

Excuse me for the lack of a better title. I’ve been single for the past couple of months and surprise surprise, I haven’t exactly been playing the field. I’m not ready to get back into the dating scene just yet and no, this has nothing to do with my bruised ego or my rusty ladykiller skills.

I’ve just decided that dating someone in real life is pretty complicated. So allow me to indulge in my g-rated fantasies for a while. Hey, dudes can dream too. Shut up and just go with me on this one.

This will be the first part of a three-part series which also serves as a tribute of sorts to my favorite mind-blowing mamacitas in WoW.

First up, Jaina Proudmoore. AKA the girl with the noble last name. She may look like the girl next door but I’m telling you, she is the total embodiment of smexy. Girl’s got beauty, brains and uhh…a whole lot of other Bs.

Now let’s see, where should I take her out on a date?

For an educated blonde sophisticate like Jaina, a tour around the MET would be awesome. Nothing says culture and class than a museum date. We’ll be coasting along various art collections like the Arms and Armor department and the Costume Institute. Yep, that should take out the stuffiness. We’ll also have lunch at the MET steps to make things a little more casual.

And now for the one-track soundtrack. Not to be pretentious or anything but I consider myself a pretty decent singer. So what if my only exposure was on the karaoke stage during a major booze fest with my frat buddies? I got some serious pipes, man. By the end of the night, she’ll be beyond smitten by my rendition of Before It’s Too Late by the Goo Goo Dolls.

Or I could end up a roasted pig after she fancies casting a fireball on me. I’m also fine with that.

Stay tuned for the other two parts, piggies!

[Image taken from http://cocoasweety.deviantart.com/art/Jaina-Proudmoore-62189924]

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Anonymous EjomLexus said...

Indeed she's hot. But I think she looks like one of those girls who promotes exercise machines on Home TV shopping.

RAWR! :3

September 13, 2009 at 2:35 PM  

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