Monday, October 26, 2009

Hot Blood Elf Chicks Where!?

What's up my pork-loving compadres? Are you itching for our WoW Gold giveaway yet? Well, hold your horses, we're upping the ante and giving you exciting prizes soon. Just stay tuned to WoW Gold Pig, dudes.

Anyway, while scooting around for gem and talent guides for my new Healadin, I saw this entertaining video at

Lessee here... "Hallows End Summed Up In 2 Minutes: Hot Bloodelf Chicks Included"... Whoa, hot blood elf chicks!? Count me in!

Heeey.... there was like 2 seconds of that blood elf chick.

Well, it was funnny at least. Go on and watch WoWCrendor's videos. He's a pretty awesome dude. He even made this Cataclysm trailer:

Oh yes. He's a pro.

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