Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tricky Treats

Allow me to catch my breath for a second. Three…two…one. Okay, I’m back. Nice to be up and blogging again!

All of us here at WoW Gold Pig have been extremely busy celebrating National Pork Month, organizing the Next Chop Model Contest, and preparing for the Halloween festivities. But we are not in any way complaining.

I have actually volunteered to help out with food planning. No, I won’t be the food taster again. I mean, I’ll still be the food taster but I won’t just be that this time.

So anyway, I took to the net for inspiration and found some awesomely revolting food ideas whose appeal lies in the stomach-turning category. I’m not much of a cook but I’d give these recipes a try. A warning though, porkers. No kids stuff here.

Photos below show proof:

Now this (they’re lemon cookies from hell) brings an all new meaning to finger foods. Finger-lickin’ good, eh?

What, little severed appendages too mild for ya? Try this bloody monster meatloaf hand instead.

Hmm maybe that’s still too safe. Why not have a go at something that has a freakin’ face? Chow with gusto as you rip the cheeks out of this sucker.

If that’s not enough to satiate your craving for dismembered body parts freaky but I’m-sure-they’ll-taste-good-or-at-least-I’m-hoping-they-would Halloween food, then maybe this panna cotta-like creation would do the trick.

A fancy Italian brain dessert? Hannibal Lecter would approve.

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