Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Still No Break for the Pig

The Pig and his amigos are still working hard to get you your WoW gold. It's like I said before - and I quote myself - "...we're determined to deliver your orders even if it means not sleeping." If you could only see my eyes. Those aren't mere bags underneath 'em peepers. They're frickin' suitcases! Where are my shades, by the way? LOL.

But hey, I'm not complaining! Everyone in the team is happy, right guys? (Instant chorus of yeahs in the background, no macros needed)

Just knowing we're doing a real service to our customers in these level 80-challenging times is motivating by itself (the moolah helps too). I just wanna thank you all for your awesome patience and support. If you've got questions, you know we're a quick email away. You can also drop us a line here at our blog or send a tweet on Twitter. Whichever you choose, someone will get back to you faster than it takes you to do your Fishing dailies.

BTW, have you peeps seen this thing called the WoW Pod? You've got a toilet and kitchen in the same porta-potty. Hmm.

We're pigs, we can be lazy at times (hey, no one's perfect)...but COME ON!

Next thing you know, they'll have "gamer feedbags" to strap onto your face so you don't need to use your hands when eating!

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