Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Weapon of Choice

Yeah, I know. Fatboy Slim's Weapon of Choice was an awesome video. Christopher Walken is THE man.

But this post isn't about the oxymoron 'Fatboy Slim' or the awesomeness of our man, Christopher. No.

This is about WoW Gold Pig's Weapon of Choice.

You see, if we we're allowed to pick a weapon, you'd expect that we'd go for something from World of Warcraft like, say... Illidan's Twin Blades of Azzinoth or Alexandros Mograine's Ashbringer.

Hells to the no.

Maybe a minute ago, we would've.

But not now, no sir. With no second thought, we would wield the...

Click to see more pics

Marvel at the wonder of this 1:1 scale replica of an AK-47 made entirely of... wait for it... BACON! A rifle made of bacon. Am I in heaven?

Seriously, dude. This guy had a lot of time (and bacon) on his hands and he made a weapon of epic proportions. We'd totally go to Iraq with these babies. Not only is it a humane weapon, but it also gives your enemies the munchies!

And high cholesterol.

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