Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Game Fuel - Chicken Soup for the Pig

...Or was it Pork Soup?

Oh man, what a week. The WoW Gold sniffing pig dudes have been on a World of Warcraft binge, running every old world instance and working our way back to Northrend. Most of us have hit 80 and we're now grinding for rep, achievements and of course, Warcraft Gold.

One word - grinding. Many a gamer knows how horrible grinding could be. Whether it's your last 1,000 WoW Gold for your next gear upgrade or Sons of Hodir rep - grinding is almost always a long and tedious time. Some of us like playing other games while grinding. One of the dudes in support likes listening to Marilyn Manson in the long and lonely nights. Our web piglet switches on the boob tube to watch soap reruns on cable. We all have our quirks.

Of course, no grinding session is complete without the real life health potion for gamer dudes - Mountain Dew's Game Fuel. We absolutely loved the Halo Game Fuel drinks. Imagine our boargasmic delight when we found out that World of Warcraft is coming out with their own line!

Can't wait to taste both the Alliance and Horde flavors!

Though I still think the Orc on the label is kinda unappetizing... what with the green skin and bulging muscles and all.

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