Monday, March 16, 2009

5 Favorite WoW Areas

To us, World of Warcraft is a masterpiece. It is a work of art. We spend countless hours in-game, grinding for rep, farming WoW Gold, ganking noobs, etc. What we sometimes fail to appreciate is the scenery. The lush forests and the mysterious caves - all meticulously designed and rendered by the Blizz map-dudes.

So what are WoW Gold Pig's favorite areas in WoW?

1. Orgrimmar - We just love the Horde feeling in Orgrimmar. The tattered houses, the primitive setup and the "warrior" atmosphere.
2. Dalaran - Floating city, anyone?
3. Stormwind - The Alliance's stronghold boasts old world architecture and a bustling town center. Having Onyxia's head at the entrance also screams "BADASS!"
4. Wintergrasp - This perpetually conflicted area just makes you wanna melt faces and own gnomes. Just don't take in the sights too long or you might end up on the floor.
5. Icecrown Citadel - One word: EPIC.

Don't just pass through WoW without admiring the environment. Go exploring and adventuring with your guild or friends once in a while.


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