Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Swine Flu Information

We're certainly NOT infected with the flu (like you'd believe we're really pigs, right?). It's time for a little serious talk. The 'swine flu,' as it's widely called, has been making headlines all over the globe because of its dangerous and potentially fatal effects. But what do we all know about this? Here are some things you need to know, because it pays to be a informed gentleboar.

1. Swine flu is a respiratory disease in pigs (our poor cousins T_T)
2. Swine flu spreads through direct contact or close proximity with infected pigs or humans. The stuff is airborne, dude.
3. Symptoms of swine flu:
- Fever
- Cold/runny nose
- Coughing
- Sore throat
- Lack of appetite
- Vomiting
- Diarrhea
4. You don't get swine flu by eating pork, so bacon is still a-OK.

The whole pandemic started from our hombres in Mexico. There have been over a hundred reported deaths in Mexico connected to swine flu and if it spreads worldwide, that'd be totally scary.

So what can we dudes to protect ourselves from it?

- Wash your hands (seriously, dude!)
- Eat clean and properly prepared food
- Cover your mouth when sneezing/coughing (it's also good manners, bro)
- Stay away from sick people

And yes, do not go to Cancun for Spring Break!

Ok, the last one was a joke.

You must be asking yourself right now, "What the hell is WoW Gold Pig doing talking about swine flu?"

As premier hogs and WoW gamers, it is our responsibility to keep our audience informed and safe. We want to update you on the latest happenings in the world and deliver information that's hot and fresh.

We also love pigs.

This flu reminds me of the infamous virtual plague in World of Warcraft - Hakkar's Corrupted Blood epidemic. Boy, that was freaky. People who went into Zul'Grub and got infected by the Corrupted Blood debuff went out of the instance and started infecting whole towns with it. Corpses everywhere, infected pets spreading the plague - it was mayhem.

Let's just hope that what happens in Mexico, stays in Mexico. Entiendes?

In other news, be sure to vote on our poll, "What's your favorite Noblegarden item?"

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