Thursday, June 18, 2009

Snuggles the WoW Gold Pig Intern

We're all probably familiar with the scenario; a teenage boy glued to his computer all day playing World of Warcraft. He neglects his personal hygiene, his parents are gravely concerned about him, he has no life and zero possibility of procreating with the fairer sex.

And then they take matters into national TV - they confront the boy and make him face the consequences of his addiction, they all shout at each other awkwardly and slowly find a solution to their dysfunctional family.

This... is WoW Intervention!

Kidding aside, this kinda thing might happen in rare cases. Heck, there are even actual Gamer Widows. WoW, and gaming in general, can be destructive in the wrong hands.

But that's not what the power of WoW is to the Pigs today. This day marks a wonderful day in the life of our intrepid intern. Let's call him Snuggles.

Snuggles is a shy guy. He started at our HQ with NO confidence at all. He had the confidence level of Britney Spears' knickers.

Non-existent. *badum-psh!*

So anyway, it came to a point where Snuggles wouldn't even move when one of the female Pig staff where nearby.

Snuggles really loves World of Warcraft (gasp!). He's got a level 80 Tauren Balance Druid and he's one of the top guns in our guild. In-game, he's a totally different character.

Well, aside from being a talking cow and all.

He's a raid leader, an officer and commands respect in arenas. Truly a stalwart of the game.

Hang on, we're getting there. Don't you tl;dr me, dude.

One day, Snuggles found his match in-game. A level 80 Troll Hunter. Snuggles got pwned. Real hard. So he invited the hunter to our Ventrilo to trash talk him. What greeted us was a sweet voice from the heavens. We braced ourselves for Snuggles' mouth-breathing expletives.

But everything went silent.

I wasn't able to login for a few days after that (also because was being a beeyotch). Now today, I came to work and saw the usual faces, the usual WoW chatter and the usual Snuggles with a girl.


There he was. Snuggles the shy guy talking candidly with an attractive lady. Apparently, he and the Troll Hunter called each other and went on WoW-dates and finally hooked up.

And that, my friends, is magic. If WoW could bring everyone together like this, there wouldn't be any problems, hunger and poverty will be eliminated.

Okay, probably not.

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